The Sour Situation:17 sweet wishes is a fanfiction created by Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD, it is
an Adventure about Melody Von Schweetz,finding a magic lamp in the fungeon in the castle,as a genie gives her 17 wishes instead of just 3.It is inspired by Monster High's 13 wishes.


Melody Von Schweetz


Vanellope Von Schweetz

Twister Von Schweetz

November Marscandy

Max O'Cream

Mark O'Cream

Melissa Gummy-Goober

Lily Melonz

Taffyta Muttonfudge

Fluffy Cottine

Grace Charmlet

Minor characters

Dorita De Chipo

Strawbetty Muttonfudge

Apozzer Granilla

Violet Palmaella

Fang The Sniper

Amber O'Cream

Gloyd Orangeboar

Swizzle Malarkey

Citrusella Flugpucker

Tartelina Kipling

Butterscott Mellbutter

Carrie Mellbutter

Toffeella Mellbutter

Butterscarlet Mellbutter

Floss Cottine (mentioned)

The Beginning

November: *Panting and running holding Dorita*

Dorita: Where are we going?!

November: That doesn't matter! We have got to run!

Dorita: Can't we stop for a Mcdonalds,I am hungry and tired and I fancy a Mcflury!

Growler: *Runs through the door,her eyes glowing red* November,where are you?!

November: Leave Dorita alone!

Growler: NO! She is gonna wish for me to take over Sugar Rush....

November: NO SHE IS NOT!

Growler: *Grabs Dorita and begins slapping her*

November: Growler,stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Growler: Never!

Dorita: Aaaaaaaaaaaah,what's happening?!


Growler: Shut up! Your goodie-niceness makes you weak! *Slaps November hardly*

November: Please don't hurt,Dorita!

Growler: Awww,beg all you like,but soon Dorita will become under my control!

November: No she won't! I WON'T LET YOU HURT HER!

Growler: SHUT UP!

Dorita: What's going on?!

Growler: *Whispers in Dorita's ear* Dorita,I am your friend,right?

Dorita: Right!

Growler: Well,can you use your last wish on me then?

Dorita: Fine! But you owe me a brand new ultra-rare fashion designer coat and a happy meal!

Growler: UGH,FINE! WHATEVER! Just make this wish... I wish that Growler could take over Sugar Rush!

November: Don't Dorita!

Growler: *Knife appears in her right hand* SAY IT!

Dorita: I-I-I wish that Gr-Growler...

November: NO! *Jumps on Dorita*

Dorita: What's wrong?!

November: Don't listen to her,Dorita! Don't waste your last wish on her! Wish for something else!

Growler: NO! 

November: YES!

Dorita: I wish for...a brand new ultra rare fashion designer coat!

November: As you choose! *Claps hands together*

  • Dorita appears in a brand new coat

Growler: W-WAIT DORITA! NO!!!!!!!!!!!! *Begins glitching alot* Grrrr.....I will get my revenge November!

November: *Begins glitching too* Goodbye Dorita! *Goes back inside the lanturn*

Growler: *Screams and bursts into jewels*

Dorita: What the heck,just happened?! Awww now,I can't wish for a Mcdonalds! Oh well...I could always buy one! (Walks off)

Chapter 1

  • 5 months later
  • It was a normal day in Sugar Rush.People were paying their fees into the Random Roster race.

Vanellope: *Throws her coin into the giant trophy*

Narrator: Vanellope Von Schweetz

Twister: *Throws her coin into the giant trophy*

Narrator: Twister Von Schweetz

Mark: *Throws his coin in*

Narrator: Mark O'Cream

Melody: *Throws her coin in*

Narrator: Melody Von Schweetz

  • All coins go in.

Melody: *Muttering to Melissa* I am gonna try and win this race today!

Melissa: I hope you win,Melody!

Melody: Yes,that is if...Strawbetty does not ruin it for me!

Melissa: Don't worry,I am here,no matter what!

  • Melissa jumps in her racing kart

Melody: *Goes to jump in her racing kart,but slips*

Strawbetty: *Walking by,waving at her fans with Apozzer

Melissa: *Sees Melody slipping* MELODY! *Grabs Melody's right foot*

Melody and Melissa: *Slips and crashes into Strawbetty and Apozzer*


Melody: *Get's up and brushes her skirt* I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-

Apozzer: Yeah,right!

Strawbetty: Hah,talk about,complete failure! 

  • All the bullies laugh at Melody

Melody: *Tears form* I-I-I didn't mean to!


Strawbetty: That's right! And if you show your immature face on this starting line! I will make sure you never ever race again!

Melody: *Shakes*

Apozzer: Awwww,are you scared?!

Strawbetty's fans: *Throws food at Melody and Melody falls back into a chocolate puddle*

Strawbetty: Also...*Begins scratching Melody's purple glittery paint on her racing kart*

  • All bullies begin destroying it

Melody: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Crying*

Strawbetty: *Slaps Melody*

Melody: *Get's up and runs off crying*

Melissa: OMG! Mel,wait! *Drives after her*

Melody: *Runs into the castle crying*

Melissa: *Runs inside the castle* MEL! WAIT!

Melody: *Sitting alone in the corner*

Melissa: Just ignore her,Melody!

Melody: No,she is right! I don't deserve to be a racer!  I don't belong in Sugar Rush!

Twister and Mark: *Had seen the horrible scene*

Mark: Maybe,we should forget the random roaster race and check on Melody!

Twister: Your right! I think I saw her run inside the castle!

  • They drive off to the castle

Vanellope: Twister! Wait,what about the race?

Twister: Melody,is more important!

  • Twister and Mark arrive at the castle and see Melissa and Melody

Twister: Melody,are you all right?!

Melody: No! I wanna be popular like you,Twister! You are my little sister and you have a boyfriend! YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twister: Calm down!

Melody: NO! I am fed up of being known as Vanellope's annoying little sister!

  • Grabs hammer and begins smashing a book shelf up*

Twister: And what do you think you are doing?!

Melody: Collecting wood,duh!

  • Begins grabbing Christmas lights*
  • Begins building her name on top of the castle with the Christmas lights and begins building a stage underneith*


Melody: Building a giant stage with my name in giant light-letters nailed on to it!

  • Turns the Christmas lights on*


  • Christmas lights explode and set half of the castle on fire*
  • Everybody at the random roster race sees the flames*
  • Everybody rushes to the castle*

Vanellope: *Sees Melody holding the plugs shaking* MELODY,TO THE FUNGEON RIGHT NOW!

Wynchel and Duncan: *Drag her into the fungeon*

Vanellope: Twister,Mark and Melissa too!

Twister: WHAT?!

  • Get's dragged into the fungeon*

Twister: Oh,well done Melody! You have made us ALL stuck in here!

Melody: Ugh,sorry!

Twister: I don't get your fuss about being popular!

Melody: *Storms off*

  • Lanturn shines at Melody

Melody: Hmmm.... *Picks up the lanturn*

Twister: Melody....come back!

Melody: Ugh,I will be a minute! *Rubs dust of the lanturn* Ugh,Twister will see,I will be the President of Sugar Rush one day and I will make them all sorry.....

  • Lanturn glows,as a pretty girl appears*

Girl: Hello,I am November Marscandy and I am here to serve the finder with 17 sweet wishes!

Melody: W-what?!

  • They run up to Melody*

Mark: Woah,who is this!

November: Hello friends of the finder! I am November Marscandy the genie!

Melissa: OMG,so you can grant wishes?!

November: may have whatever you want.....

Chapter 2

Melody: S-so,I can wish for whatever I want to?

November: Yes!

Twister: Mel,what are you waiting for? Make a wish!

Melody: Hmmmm Ok...I wish we were not in the fungeon any more!

November: As you wish! *Claps hands together*

  • They appear outside the castle*

Melody: Woah!

Amber: *Walks up to Mark* Hey Mark! *Wearing one of his jackets*


Amber: No! *Walks off*

Mark: *Sighs* I wish,I could have a little brother...

Melody: Hmmm...I can handle that! November,I wish Mark had a little brother!

November: As you wish! *Claps her hands together*

  • A little boy appears*

Twister: Hi there! What's your name?! 

Boy: I am Max O'Cream!

Mark: Yay! Thanks Melody!

Melody: Your welcome!

Evan: *Pushes past Melody* Watch it,short stuff!

Melody: Ugh,it's you!

Evan: Yes,it's me!

Melody: *Glares at Evan* You are proberly looking for Grace to bother her again!

Evan: Shut up! You may be one of the vice presidents,but you don't scare me!

Melody: Shut up!

Grace: *Behind a bush hiding*

Evan: Grace,I see you behind that bush! Come out!

Grace: No! Go away Evan!

Melody: *Sees Lindsay upset sitting on a jawbreaker* What's a matter Lindsay?!

Lindsay: All Evan cares about is Grace! He never ever thinks of me....

Melody: Do you have a crush on him or something?!

Lindsay: *Nods*

Melody: Oh.I can handle that! November,I wish Evan liked Lindsay!

November: As you wish! *Claps hands together*

Evan: *Walks away from Grace and holds Lindsay's right hand* Wanna hang out?

Lindsay: Sure! *Winks at Melody* Thanks Mel! *Walks off happy*

Growler: *Spying on Melody* Hahahahaha! I cannot wait to mess with her mind!

Max: *Has a crush on Melody* Errr...hi....

Melody: Oh hi!

Fang: *Shooting a pop gun at a random candy cane tree*

Melody: Yo Fang are you OK?!

Fang: No...Strawbetty has made fun of me again *sighs*

Melody: November,I need you!

November: *Appears* Yes?

Melody: I wish that Fang,was a playable character in his game!

November: As you wish! *Claps hands together*

Fang: *Opens his eyes,as loads of people with autograph books are around him* Thanks Melody!

Melody: *Winks at Fang*

Mark: *to Twister* Don't you think Melody is over doing her wishes a little bit?!

Twister: I know right?! I'll go and talk to her! *Calls to Melody* Melody,why don't you pipe it down a bit?

Melody: Shut up,Twister! This is my lanturn not yours! *Walks off and flicks her hair*

Melissa: Something is up with her....

Chapter 3

Grace: This is ridiculous.....

Lily: I know right?

Melody: *Walking with her lanturn* Grace,what's a matter?

Grace: I want to sign up for the Sugar Rush council,but Floss is beating me to it.....

Melody: Oh....

Lily: Yeah,we are trying are best,but Grace is getting no votes....

Taffyta: (Over hears Grace and Lily) Maybe,I could help! If I tell everyone to vote for you,everyone will do as I command,cuz everyone knows I am the most popularist Sugar Rush racer behind the Schweetz....Well,just Twister and Vanellope,because Melody is a loser....

Melody: *Scowls at Taffyta*

Grace: Taffyta! *Scowls at Taffyta*

Taffyta: What?! It's true...

Lily: But,could you really help me and Grace out?!

Taffyta: Sure! *Turns to Melody* You weren't gonna help them were you? Because...everyone knows if you try to help anyone you make a big mess of things...

Melody: Actually,I was! *Glares at Taffyta*

Taffyta: Heard Strawbetty...destroyed your racing kart...too bad for you!

Melody: Actually,I could just wish for a new one,with my genie!

Taffyta: Wait,a genie?!

Melody: Yeah....

Taffyta: In your dreams....

Melody: *to Grace and Lily* Girls,you can have a boring blabbering person like Taffyta,helping you.Or me with a special genie,can wish you anything you please!

Taffyta: *Rolling her eyes at Melody*

Melody: November,I need you!

November: *Appears* Yes finder?

Taffyta: Aaaaaaah! Where the heck did you come from?!

Melody: The lanturn...*Smirks at Taffyta*

Taffyta: I was asking the genie,IDIOT!

Melody: November,I wish that Grace the Sugar Rush council leader!

November: As,you wish! *Claps hands together*

  • Loads of people run up to Grace*

Grace: Woah!

Melody: *Walks off and winks at Taffyta*

Taffyta: Grrrrrrrr.....

  • Melody walks to the castle grinning

Melody: *Opens doors*

Vanellope: Hi Melody...the castle is fixed up,as you can see....


Vanellope: Woah,calm down!

Melody: You know what?! Leave me alone! And tell Twister to back off my lanturn! *Walks into the castles main toilets*

Strawbetty,Apozzer and Violet: *Walk out of some of the toilets grinning at Melody evilly*

Melody: Aaaaaaah! What are you doing here?!

Strawbetty: You don't belong in these toilets,you don't belong ANYWHERE IN THIS ARCADE!

Apozzer: *Slaps Melody*

Violet: *Pushes past Melody*

  • They walk out

Melody: *Crying*

Growler: *Spying on Melody* She's right,you are a loser!

Melody: I'm a loser!

Growler: But,I know...what will help you....

Melody: But I know,what can help me! *Grins evilly*

Chapter 4

Growler: *Appears next to Melody in the mirror* Just ask November to make you popular and all your worries will be over! *Eyes glow red*

Melody: Of course! November can help me! November,I need you!

November: *Appears* Yes finder? *Notices Growler in the mirror and gasps* Growler,please go away and leave Melody alone!

Melody: Who are you talking to,November?!

November: one!

Growler: *Whispers in Melody's here* Make the wish,Melody!

Melody: November,I wish to be popular!

November: But Melody,you are special the way you are!

Melody: Hmmm...I guess you are right,November!

November: Phew! *Gives an I won evil smirk to Growler*

Growler: *Get's super mad and begins glitching alot* You little brat! *to November* Melody,November is just getting in your way,and being bossy! YOU wanna be popular,Melody! Because you are a loser and you are not special what so ever! *to Melody*

Melody: Actually, cannot tell me what to do! I wish to be popular!

November: But-

Melody: JUST DO IT!

November: Okay,as you wish! *Claps hands together and sighs*

  • Loads of smoke happens

Melody: (Opens her eyes) November! Nothing has changed!

November: Yes it has! Go outside and see for yourself!

Melody: *Walks out the toilets*

November: *Glares at Growler* What do you think you are doing to Melody?!

Growler: Making her become under my control!

November: NO! You won't hurt Melody,like you hurt all the other finders! Melody,has a good heart,she would not listen to someone as nasty as you!

Growler: *Cackles* Well,no one can help her now! *Pushes November over and floats out the toilets*

Melody: *Walks out the castle*

  • Loads of people run up to Melody*

Gloyd: You look so hot today....

Swizzle: You are so gougerous!

Melody: *Blushes* Th-thank you,guys!

Rancis: *Pecks Melody on the cheek* I am so sorry! I couldn't help myself,you are so beutiful!


Gloyd: It's Taffyta! Let's run,dudes! *Grabs Melody's right hand and runs*


Gloyd: Tough!

Gloyd and Swizzle: *Begin fighting over Melody*

Rancis: Errr...Taffyta...Erm hey!

Taffyta: What do you think you are doing kissing that freak of a loser?!


Taffyta: A freak of a we always call her,remember?!

Rancis: Taffyta,I'm so sorry...your dumped for Melody!

Taffyta: WHAT?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *Punches Rancis hardly and knocks him out*

Gloyd: Swizz,you carry Rancis and I will get Mel!

Swizzle: NO GLOYD! I will get Melody!

Gloyd and Swizzle: *Argue*


  • Swizzle and Gloyd be quiet and begin shaking rapidly

Taffyta: Do you idiots wanna get punched?!

Swizzle: *Grabs Rancis*

Gloyd: *Grabs Melody*


Gloyd: Sorry Mel! I love you... *Let's go of Melody and kisses her and runs off with Swizzle*

Max: *Sees the scene and begins sobbing*

Mark: *Walking with Twister,Vanellope,Melissa and Amber* (Sees Max crying) Max,what's wrong?!

Max: It's Melody! She is dating Rancis... *Crying*

Mark: Awww Maxie! *Hugs him* Mel,is not worth it lately!

Grace,Trfila and Lily: *Watching behind a bush* 

Lily: OMG! Poor Mel...

Grace: *Looks scared*

Trifila: Grace,what's a matter?!

Grace: I sense something is in the shadows and it's telling me that something terrible is gonna happen to Melody...

Trifila and Lily: *Looks confused at Grace*

Grace: Something is defiantly not right....

Twister: I AM GONNA TALK TO MELODY! This is getting out of hand... MELODY THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

Melody: Oh,look it's my sister,who is trying to steal MY lanturn and MY genie!

Twister: I do not care about your lanturn! You have changed ever since you found it! Now...we better get rid of it,before you get worse! *Grabs lanturn from Melody*


  • The two begin fighting

Gloyd: *Punches Twister*

Twister: OUCH! What was that for?!

Gloyd: Leave the darling's,lanturn alone!


Twister: *Eyes fill with tears,as she runs off with Mark,Melissa,Amber and Max*

Taffyta: Oh,so that's how you got popular? the lanturn! *Smirks evilly*

Melody: Yes,problem?

Taffyta: You have to EARN you popuality...looks like YOU never ever changed from being a loser...*Walks off cackiling*

Melody:'ll see girl,you'll see! *Giggles evilly and walks off*

Lily: What the heck,has happened to her?!

Chapter 5

Growler: Hmmm...this isn't working as I planned,Gloster told me never to cheat,but I don't care.... *Get's out a spell book* Hmmm...there is a spell for evil shadow minions... *Reads out spell,behind a jawbreaker*

  • Loads of misty figures appear and walk up to Growler

Growler: Aaaah!

???: *Shadow* Hello I am Smelody....

Growler: ....

Smelody: These are my shadow friends Swister,Smark,Smelissa and Smellope...

Smark: Sup?

Growler: Listen up! All get in a line!

Smelody: *Doing her hair and looking in a mini mirror not paying attention*

Smark and Smelissa: *Eating lollipops*

Swister: *Jumping from candy cane trees*

Growler: EVERYONE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They all float down to Growler

Smelissa: What's a matter,Denise?

Growler: Denise,who the heck is Denise?

Smelissa: You are...

Growler: No,I am not! I'm Growler!

Smark: So Denise,how are you?

Growler: *Facepalm*

Swister: *Whispers to Smelody* I think Denise,likes us!

Growler: See,that girl over there! *Points at Melody* You need to help me,control her mind!

Smellope: So,we can eat her hair?


Swister: Don't get mad,Denise!

Growler: ...

Smellope: Who wants to go to the park?!

All the shadows: ME! *All fly off*

Growler: WAIT,YOU COME BACK HERE! *Runs after them*

Melody: *Walking in the park feeling so happy and sees Smelody* (In thoughts) OMG! She looks so much like me!

Smelody: HELLO!

Melody: AAAAAH!

Smelody: Why are you so scared of me? I am your shadow!

Melody: Aaaah,go away! *Runs away,but Smark,Smelissa,Smellope and Swister block her way* Aaaah,help!

Chapter 6

Melody: Why do you all look like Twister,Melissa,Vanellope and Mark?

Smelody: That's for us to know!

Melody: Please go away! I have got things to do! 

Smelody: Oh,really,like what?!

Melody: Like apologizing to my little sister and her friends!

Swister: Awwww,did you sibling bicker?!

  • All the shadows snigger at Melody

Melody: Ugh,haven't you got other people to bother?!

Smelody: No!

Swister: Can we eat her hair now? *to Smark*

Smark: Yes! *Get's forks and knifes out*

  • All the shadows lick their lips

Melody: NO! *Punches Smark and runs off screaming*

Smark: Awwww,there goes our dinner!

Melody: apologize to Twist....

Growler: *Listening to Melody* Ugh,she's apologizing?! This is VERY bad!

Smelody: BOO!

Growler: Aaaah!

Smelody: Hello Denise!

Growler: GO AWAY! *Floats towards Melody*

  • Shadows float after Growler

Growler: *to Melody* Your seriously,gonna apologize? After being popular...?

Melody: Yes! She is my little sister!

Growler: OH NO,YOUR NOT! *Grabs Melody and flings her against a candy cane tree*

Melody: OWWWW! *Passes out*

  • Growler and the shadows walk up to Melody

Smelody: What are we gonna do to her,Denise?!

Growler: She has the lanturn...and when there is the lanturn...that means there is November!

  • They all smile at each other evilly.

Chapter 7

Melody: *Slowly waking up*

Growler: *Gasps and flies behind a bush with the shadows*

Melody: Huh? What just happened?

Gloyd: *Rushes up to Melody* OMG,are you OK?!

Melody: Yes,I think so.

Gloyd: *Helps her up*

Melody: Thanks.

  • Loads of people run up to Melody*

Random Guy: Can you come to my party?

Swizzle: No,mine!

Random Guy & Swizzle: *Begin fighting*

Melody: Ugh...

Melissa: *to Vanellope* I cannot believe,Melody spoke to Twister like that!

Vanellope: I know right?!

Melissa: I am gonna have a word with her....she is getting out of hand...

Vanellope: Be careful...

Melissa: I will...

  • Melissa walks towards Melody.

Melissa: *Pushes through the crowd* Melody?!

Melody: Melissa?!

Melissa: Melody,we have got to talk...

Rancis: *Pushes in front of Melissa* Hey,outta my way,Gummy-Girl....

Melissa: Hey,what's your problem?! *to Rancis*

Rancis: Chill,I just wanna speak to my girlfriend!


Melody: *Grabs Rancis and hugs him* Yes,he is my boyfriend now,Melissa.Jealous?!

Melissa: No.I thought you had a love intrest for Max,anyway?

Melody: Hah,are you kidding me?!

Melissa: Melody...this has got to stop!

Growler: *Behind a bush* Oh,no that Gummy-Girl,is gonna ruin, everything!

Melody: *to Melissa* Oh really?!

Melissa: Yes,please,I just want my BFF back!

Melody: Well... *Sighs*

Growler: *Flies behind Melody* Melody,don't lose everything...where was she when Strawbetty,bullied you?!

Melody: Where were you when Strawbetty was bullying me,Melissa?!

Melissa: Right next,to you! DUH!

Melody: *Face palm*

Rancis: Just leave her alone,Melissa!

Melissa: *Rolls her eyes and storms off*

A gang of guys: Can I have your autograph,Melody?!

Melody: *Screams and rushes through crowd*

  • Crowd chases after her

Melody: *Hides behind candy cane tree panting* Phew! They are gone!

Taffyta: *Walks out of the shadows* Hello Melody. *Cackles evilly*

Melody: *Screams* What do you want?!

Taffyta: Being popular,is not that easy is it?! *Laughs meanly* Hah,what a fail.

Melody: *Scowls at Taffyta*

Growler: *Whispers in Melody's right ear* Maybe,she should know what it's like being unpopular?!

Melody: November,I need you!

November: *Appears* Yes,finder? 

Melody: I wish,Taffyta was unpopular!

November: WHAT?! But my finder....I-I-....


November: *Sighs* As,you wish! *Claps hands together* 

  • Loads of smoke happens

Taffyta: *Screams* Phew...I am still my gourgeous self... *Smirks evilly at Melody and walks off*

Melissa: *Walking with Vanellope*

Taffyta: Guys,you would never believe what Melody,tried to do to me...

Melissa: Hi,are you new here?!

Taffyta: What?! NO! It's me....

Vanellope: Hello Me! Welcome to Sugar Rush!

Taffyta: *Screams,as all the windows in Sugar Rush smash,as she storms off*

Melissa: Woah! That new girl,has some serious issues...

Chapter 8

Melody: *Eating lunch with Strawbetty,Apozzer and Violet on a bench in the Sugar Rush park*

Strawbetty: So,you think Twister and Vanellope want the lamp and November all to themselves?

Melody: Yep,they just won't give up!

Strawbetty: Ugh!

Vanellope: *Scowling over at Melody eating her lunch with Twister*

Twister: Vanellope,what's wrong?!

Vanellope: My little sister forgot,who her REAL friends were! *Points at Melody*

Twister: Ugh! Just leave her to it!

Vanellope: *Stands up and walks over to Melody and grabs her and drags her off*

Violet: HEY!!!!!!! 

Vanellope: *Drags her into the castle*

Melody: Vanellope,what's your damage?!

Vanellope: MY damage?! You are so bratty,ever since you found,November!

Melody: NO,I AM NOT! W-wait,you think so?!

Vanellope: Yes,you are my little sister and I love you,just please come back,Melody!

Melody: *Sighs* I am so sorry,Vanellope! November,I need you!

November: Yes,my finder?!

Growler: *Whispers into Melody's ear* DON'T! SHE IS JUST GETTING IN MY I-I-I MEAN,YOUR WAY!

Melody: *Looks at Vanellope*

Vanellope: *to November* November,thanks goodness your here! Melody,wants to wish that she wasn't popular any more! Because she isn't mature be honest.

Melody: *Gasps*

November: Is this true,my finder?! *to Melody*

Growler: *Whispers to Melody* Vanellope said you are not mature enough to be popular,prove her wrong by vanishing her into November's lanturn!

Melody: B-B-But-

Growler: DO IT! Or be a loser again!

Melody: NO! NOVEMBER,I WISH- to banish my big sister...*Tears form*

Vanellope: *Gasps*

November: *Tears form* A-As you wish,my finder! *Claps hands together*

Vanellope: *Begins glitching rapidly* What's happening to me?!

Melody: I am so sorry,Vanellope!

Vanellope: *Dissapears*

Melody: *Falls to her knees sobbing*

Growler: *Cackles evilly* One,loser banished,a couple more go!

November: *Comforts Melody*

Shadows: *Sneak up behind Growler* BOO,DENISE!


Smellope: Um...all right! *Floats up next to Melody* Hello.

Melody: Aaaah,Vanellope?!

Smellope: Yes,it's me.And what you did was a good thing,you made me bad and bad is good.. *Cackles evilly*

Melody: But,a minute a go,you said to stop being a bully?!

Smellope: I was just pulling your leg! *Links arms with Melody and touches Melody's forehead*

Melody: You know what,Vanellope?! You are right! BEING BAD IS GOOD!

  • Melody's eyes turn red and her skin turns grey

Smellope & Melody: *Walks off cackling evilly*

November: Uh-Oh!

Chapter 9

Melissa: *Hiding behind a jawbreaker watching* OMG,I gotta tell Twister!

  • Rushes off

Melissa: *Runs into the castle* TWISTER?!

Twister: *Sitting on Vanellope's throne reading* Huh, Melissa?

Melissa: Melody banished Vanellope!

Twister: WHAT?! That's it,this ends...NOW! *Jumps out of Vanellope's throne and runs out the castle*

Melissa: Twister,wait up! *Runs after her*

  • Meanwhile,Vanellope is slowly waking up

Vanellope: Huh,where am I?!

???: In my world now.

Vanellope: Huh,what world?!

???: The lanturn,you idiot!

Vanellope: Oh.Who are you?!

???: *A shadowy Taffyta appears* I am Smaffyta & you have been sucked into the home of November & the home of Growler.

Vanellope: ...

Smaffyta: *Sighs fruistratedly & slams head against desk* THE GENIE!!!

Vanellope: Oh,her

Smaffyta: I have been hiding in these shadows for years.Until,I found you.

Vanellope: *Notices she is in a genie costume* And why am I wearing this?!

Smaffyta: It's the clothing,you need to wear to enter this place

Vanellope: Ugh,well whoever made it has a bad sense of fashion...

Smaffyta: I made it...

Vanellope: Oh...

Smaffyta: ...

Vanellope: How can I get home?!

Smaffyta: I cannot say...

Vanellope: Why not?!

Smaffyta: It's not my duty to tell you.My duty is just to make genie clothes.

Vanellope: Let me get this straight,you are just some random shadow Taffyta fashion designer in a lanturn of a genie & a maniac?!

Smaffyta: Pretty much,yes!

Vanellope: *Screams out loud* Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Kicks rock in anger*

Chapter 10

Twister: Where did Melody go?!

Melissa: She was here a minute a go...

  • Twister hears something

Twister: Huh,what's that?

Melissa: Let's check it out!

  • They walk up to where they heard the noise.

Smellope & Melody: *Bullying Fluffy*

Fluffy: Stop it... *Crying*

Melody: Make us.

Twister: OMG!

Melissa: I'll distract them. *Runs to behind a Jawbreaker*

Twister: *Runs after her*

Melissa: *Throws rock at Melody's head*

Melody: Ouch! Who did that?! COME ON,SHOW YOURSELF!

Melissa: *Throws a rock at Melody's head again*

Melody: *Sees Melissa* YOU! 

Melissa: Uh-oh!

Melody & Smellope: *Runs after Melissa*

Twister: *Gasps and runs to Fluffy,who is hurt* Fluffy,are you OK?! *Helps her up*

Fluffy: Yes,thank you,Twister.

Twister: I have had enough of this.Let's go and find Melissa! *They run off after Melody & Smellope*

Smellope: *Throwing rocks at Melissa* How do you like that?!

Melissa: *Panting* I'm sorry! OK?!

Melody: You'll be sorry in a minute,when I banish you! *Chases after her angrily*

Fluffy: There she is!

  • All the shadows jump in front of Smellope & Melody

Smellope & Melody: AAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Fall backwards*

Swister: Sorry,did we scare you?!

Melody: Ugh!

  • Loads of people rush up to Melody & Smellope

Gloyd: OMG,Melody?! Are you all right?!

Melody: No.It was Fluffy & Twister!

Twister: Uh-Oh! RUN!!!!!!!!!

  • The crowd runs after Fluffy & Twister screaming with rage

Melissa: *Stops* Phew! They are gone now! *Notices the crows* Ugh,Melody and her stupid crowds! *Runs towards Fluffy & Twister*

Fluffy: Quick,we better run!

Twister: *Notices the chocolate river* I know,let's jump into the chocolate river,off the cliff!

Fluffy: WHAT?!

Melissa: Are you nuts?! We'll drown!

Twister: Just trust me! For Melody...

Melissa: *Sighs & holds Twister's hand* For Melody...

Fluffy: *Holds Twister's other hand* For Melody...

Twister: 3...2...1...GO!

Swizzle: *Goes to grab Twister's foot,but slowly misses,as Fluffy,Twister & Melissa all jump*

Twister: *Breathes,and shuts her eyes,as she feels herself getting closer & closer to the chocolate river*

Melissa: *Mutters* I love you,Claire...

Fluffy: *Tears form* Freddie,Floss,Faith I love you all!

Twister: Goodbye,Vanellope.

  • The water get's closer & closer until...
  • SPLASH!!!!!
  • The three of them hit the chocolate river,and fall deep down.

Rancis: OMG...Are they dead?!

  • The chocolate river stays still and silent

Chapter 11

Rancis: Oh,well.Their dead now.

  • The crowd walks off

Fluffy: *Slowly sees the sunshine and wakes up gasping for breath* I'm alive!

Melissa: *Wakes up* OMG...that...was...EPIC!

Fluffy: OMG,Twister! Where is she?!

Melissa: *Begins feeling around for Twister in the water* TWISTER?!

Twister: *A light begins piercing her eyes* (Wakes up) Melissa?! Fluffy?!

  • Twister notices she is in a place which is cloudy

Twister: Where am I?!

???: Hello,Twister.

Twister: Who are you?!

???: I am Starlight,your dead sister.

Twister: *Gasps*

Starlight: Melody has not got long left...before she ends up dead. 

Twister: How can I stop this,Starlight?!

  • A mirror drops from above

Twister: *Grabs it*

Starlight: Give this to Melody,she will remember everything,and all the adventures you two had together!

Twister: But,what about Growler?!

Starlight: *Slowly fades away*

Twister: Starlight?! Come back!

  • Everywhere begins cracking

Twister: *Screams,as she falls down the cracks*

???: *In the distance* Twister?!

Twister: *Opens her eyes and sees Fluffy & Melissa's faces* 

Fluffy: Twister?!

Twister: STARLIGHT?!

Fluffy & Melissa: Huh?

Twister: *Holding the mirror* My dead sister gave me this,it will help Melody!

Chapter 12

Vanellope: Ugh! This sucks!

Smaffyta: Stop moaning for crying out loud!

Vanellope: Says the person,who won't shut up about her stupid new clothing line!

Smaffyta: Ugh!

  • Meanwhile...

Twister: Quick,we have got to get to Melody and show this her! Quickly!

  • Twister,Melissa & Fluffy run to where Melody & Smellope was

Twister: Hmmm...their gone.

Melissa: Let's check the castle.

  • They run to the castle

Sour Bill: *Bringing out boxes of Vanellope's stuff*

Twister: Sour Bill?! What are you doing with Vanellope's stuff?!

Sour Bill: Vanellope is giving up her President spot for Melody...

Twister,Fluffy & Melissa: WHAT?!

Sour Bill: Shocking.I know.

Twister: Sour Bill.You have been fooled! That is a shadow minion,who belongs to Growler! Her name is Smellope,it's not Vanellope!

Sour Bill: Growler?!

Twister: Yes,Gloster's little sister.

Sour Bill: Oh.

Twister: Come on,girls! 

  • They run inside the castle

Twister: MELODY?! Come on out!

  • They hear evil cackling from the castle toilets

Fluffy: Shhh...Melody & Smellope are in there!

  • They all sneak into the castle toilets

Growler,Smellope & Melody: *All laughing evilly*

Melody: I cannot,wait to rule Sugar Rush!

Smellope: I bet you'll do a great job,little sis.

Growler: I know she will! *Winks at Melody*

Melody: *Winks back*

Twister: *Whispers*'s Growler

Growler: *Sees Twister* (Gasps) IT'S THE TWISTED BRAT!

Melody: *Gasps* Twister?! 


Melody: Get in my way,again & I'll stop YOU!

Melissa: If you wanna hurt Twister,you'll have to get through me first!

Fluffy: And me! 

  • They both hold Twister's hands

Twister: Thanks,guys...

Growler: *Whispers to Melody* Let's get rid of them,shall we?!

Melody: *Tears slowly form* B-b-but they are my friends and my little sister...

Growler: Seriously?! *Mimics Twister* She is just trying to steal the lanturn,Melody!

Melody: *Sighs* I-I-I love you,Twister!

Twister: I-I-I love you too,Melody!

Growler: Enough,goo-goo eyes! Melody,it's time to make your wish!

Melody: N-November I need you!

November: *Appears* Yes,my finder?

Melody: I wish to banish,Twister,Melissa & Fluffy. 

November: *Scowls at Melody* Hah.As you wish...

  • Twister,Melissa & Fluffy all snuggle together

Twister: Oh my gosh! *Screws her eyes up tightly*

November: *Claps her hands together*

Twister,Melissa & Fluffy: *Glitch away*

Melody: Nooo,Twister wait,please I love you! *Begins crying*

Growler: It's OK,you did the right thing!

Melody: *Sighs*

Chapter 13

Twister: *Opens her eyes* Huh,where are we?!

Fluffy: We seem to be in some-sort of genie lanturn!

Melissa: Wait-?! Does this mean we are in-?!

Fluffy: Uh-Oh!


Melissa,Twister & Fluffy: *All scream*

Vanellope: Huh,who is that!?

Twister: Wait,is that Vanellope?!

Vanellope: OMG! Twister?!

Twister: VANELLOPE! *Hugs Vanellope*

Vanellope: Did Melody banish you guys,too?!

Melissa: Yes.

Vanellope: Ugh! That little guttersnipe!

Melissa: Eeek,why are we in genie clothes?!

Vanellope: Ugh! It's a long story! 

Twister: I still have the mirror! WAIT?! It's gone!

Fluffy: Oh no!

Vanellope: Wait,what mirror?!

Twister: The one Starlight gave to me!

Vanellope: Twister.Now is not the time to talk about,Starlight.

Twister: No! She gave me it.To help Melody,now I have lost it and Melody could die! *Eyes fills with tears,as she runs off*

Melissa: Twister,wait! *Runs after her*

Twister: *Crying* 

Melissa: It's all right! You have been a great little sister to Melody! And I am sure,if she wasn't being a total jerk,she would be so proud of you!

  • Meanwhile...

Growler: *Picks up the mirror,Twister dropped* So,this is what they had,huh?! *Smashes it*

Melody: What was that for?!

Growler: *Snatches lanturn off Melody and pours the broken glass in* They won't see this coming...*Laughs evilly*

Chapter 14

Trifila: *Standing with Grace and Lily*

???: Spssst! *From the bush*

Trifila: Oh,hello Mr.Bush! How can I help you?!

???: No,it's me Taffyta! You have got to help me!

Trifila: Sure.What do you need help with,new girl?

Taffyta: *Grabs Trifila and pulls her behind the bush*

Trifila: *Gasps*

Lily: Where did Trif go?!

Grace: I don't know.Maybe,she went home to see Kylie and Jackson?

Lily: We better look just incase.You know,with Melody acting weird and stuff,she could have banished Trif.

Grace: Good point.

  • Lily and Grace walk off to find Trifila

Trifila: *Screams*

Lily: I just heard Trif scream!

Grace: Oh my gosh! 

  • They run off

Taffyta: Stop screaming,Trifila! I need your help! Now,come on! *Drags Trifila off*

  • Meanwhile...

Twister: *Drying her tears*

  • All of a sudden Fluffy screams

Melissa: *Gasps* FLUFFY?!

Twister & Melissa: *Run to Fluffy*

Vanellope: Something Golden and round hit Fluffy and hurt her!

Twister: Are you all right,Fluffy?!

Fluffy: I think so.Thanks.

Twister: *Gasps and picks up the thing that hit Fluffy* IT'S THE MIRROR! But,the glass is missing! 

  • A giant TV appears

Twister: *Gasps*

Growler: *Appears on the TV*

Vanellope: YOU LITTLE CRUMBSNATCHER! You made Melody evil!

Twister: What have you done with the glass?!

Growler: SHUT UP! Welcome,to MY home! Where you will be staying for the rest of your lives! Your stupid little mirror to help,Melody has been smashed into many pieces and spread around this lanturn.And you'll have to do dangerous tasks to get the pieces to help,Melody.

Twister: *Tears form* I'll do it.For my sister...

Chapter 15

Trifila: What do you want?!

Taffyta: Melody made me unpopular.You need to help me get popular again!

Trifila: ...

Taffyta: *Screams with rage at Trifila*

  • Meanwhile...

Fluffy: Where should we go?!

Twister: Let's go down there and maybe we will start finding our way to the mirror pieces!

  • They all run down a hall way

Melissa: Look a door! *Opens a door*

Twister: Good spot,Melissa!

  • They all walk in,as the door slams shut

Vanellope: *Tries to open it* It's locked!

Twister: Shhh.One second.I hear something!

  • They all walk closer to the sound

Fluffy: I don't think we should-Aaaaaaaaaah!

Twister: FLUFFY?!

Vanellope: Look Fluffy,found a door!

Twister: *Opens the door*

  • Loads of flying carpets are swooping around the room

Melissa: What the-?!

  • All the flying carpets stop and stare at them

Twister: Ummm...

  • Everything goes quiet

Chapter 16

Melody: Maybe,I was wrong!

  • All of a sudden three giant bangs happen,as three shadows appear

Swister,Smelissa & Sluffy: *Walks up to Melody*

Swister: Guess,who's back Melody?! *Cackles evilly*

Melody: Twister?! Melissa?! Fluffy?!

Swister: Come on,Melody! Come with us!

Melody: Ummm...OK

Swister: *Holds Melody's right hand* Don't worry,everything is going to be just fine! *Grins evilly at Melody*

Growler: Come on,guys! Let's go and cause some trouble!

  • All the shadows cheer YEAH!

Melody: *Backs up*

Smellope: Melody?! What are you waiting for?!

Melody: Maybe,we should have a break for 10 minutes or so?!

Swister: Come on,Mel! *Touches Melody's forehead*

Melody: *Eyes glow red* Actually,you guys are right! Let's go and show this place,who rules! *Links arms with Swister*

  • All the shadows walk out of the toilets

Smelody: *Watching behind a jawbreaker* (Sighs) I feel so left out...To be honest,I am starting to think this whole thing is a bad idea!

  • Meanwhile...

Taffyta: Trifila,hurry up!

Trifila: I am trying!

Taffyta: Ugh,you are being a whimp! Let me help you! *Smashes the sewing machine*

Trifila: What the-?!

Taffyta: *Pushes Trifila into a chocolate puddle and sits on Trifila's chair* I'll sew it without that stupid machine! *Begins sewing a dress*

Trifila: Why do you even need me to sew you a new dress?!

Taffyta: Because,I couldn't be bothered sewing it!

Trifila: ...

  • Meanwhile...inside the lanturn

Twister: ...

Fluffy: Erm,why are there-?!

Melissa: I don't know!

  • The flying carpets begin to swoop towards them

Vanellope: ...

Fluffy: *Screams*

Melissa: Nice magic carpets! Please,don't kill us!

  • A magic carpet captures Melissa

Melissa: Aaaah! Help me,guys!

Twister: Oh my gosh! Melissa!

Vanellope: Twister,you stay back! *Screams with rage and begins punching the magic carpet*

  • The magic carpet roars at Vanellope

Twister: Vanellope?!

  • A giant horn sound happens

Twister: Huh?!

  • The magic carpets all fly into a line
  • A blue magic carpet flies in and sqeals

Fluffy: It's so adorable!

  • The blue magic carpet flies towards Twister

Twister: Eeek!

The Blue Magic Carpet: *Sqeaks Hello*

Twister: Awww,you are so cute!

The Blue Magic Carpet: *Shows Twister his name tag*

Twister: *Reads out loud* Cardiff? is that your name,little blue magic carpet?

The Blue Magic Carpet: *Nods*

Twister: I'm Twister Von Schweetz! This is my big sister,Vanellope Von Schweetz.And my friends Fluffy Cottine & Melissa Gummy-Goober.

Cardiff: *Squeals*

Twister: My sister,Melody Von Schweetz,is in trouble she could die!

Cardiff: *Sqeals with shock*

Twister: Can you help us? A mean ghostly girl named Growler broke the mirror that would of stopped my sister from dying!

Cardiff: *Squeals Growler?! Oh no!*

Twister: So,will you help us find the smashed-up mirror pieces to save Melody from dying,Cardiff?!

Cardiff: *Nods and squeals Of Course!*

Twister: *Hugs Cardiff* Thank you so much,Cardiff!

Cardiff: *Hugs back*

Vanellope: Come on,we better start looking!

  • They all run off,with Cardiff flying by their side

Chapter 17

Lindsay: *Sitting with Evan* Evan,your so sweet! 

Evan: Aww,thank you. *Kisses Lindsay on the cheek*

Lindsay: I am gonna get a snack from the bar.Wanna come with me? 

Evan: I'll go anywhere,with my little glow of sunshine! *Holds Lindsay's left hand*

  • They walk to the bar together

Grace: Sheesh! I didn't know being Chief,would be so hard?!

Lily: You have a bunch of requests from Sugar Rush citizens! *Gives Grace a pile of sheets*

Grace: *Sighs*

Lily: I am just going to get a snack.Want anything,Grace?

Grace: No,I'm not very hungry.Thanks though,Lily!

Lily: *Winks at Grace and walks towards the bar*

Smellope: *Appears* Hello.

Lily: *Screams* Oh my gosh! Vanellope,you scared me!

Smellope: Where are you going?!

Lily: To get a snack from the bar.Would you like me to get you and Twister something?

Smellope: No.

Lily: Oh well,catch you around then! See you!

Swister: Wait!

Lily: What's a matter,Twister?!

Swister: Did we say you could leave?!

Lily: ...

Swister: DID WE?!

Smellope: ANSWER HER,NOW! *Holds a gun at Lily*

Lily: *Trembles* N-No,you didn't.I'm so sorry!

Smelissa: Never ever,think about going ANYWHERE ever again!

Sluffy: Because,you know what will happen?! Melody will banish you and you'll never see Sugar Rush again! Got it?!

Lily: Y-yes.

Swister: Stop! I think Lily hasn't learnt her lesson JUST yet! *Grins evilly*

Lily: W-what?!

Melody: *Comes out holding the lanturn*

Smellope: Melody,I think it's time to banish this idiot! *Points at Lily*

Lily: *Screams and tries to run away*

Smelissa & Sluffy: *Grabs Lily*

Lily: Please... *Crying*

Melody: *Feels guilty*

Growler: Come on,Melody! Summon November!

Melody: November,I need you!

November: *Appears* Yes,my finder?!

Melody: I wish to banish,Lily!

November: As,you choose! *Claps hands together*

Lily: *Glitches away*

Chapter 18

Twister: *Opens a door*

  • A mirror piece is floating in a light

Vanellope: Yay,we found it!

  • A giant TV blocks their way

Growler: *Appears on the TV* You are so dumb! Do you think I was going to make it THAT easy?!

Melissa: I am fed up of you! What has Melody or even US,done to you?!

Growler: Hah.I guess it is just bad luck!

Fluffy: Please! Do you understand what you are doing to Melody?! She may be a rebel,but she was a great friend to me and Melissa and a great sister to Vanellope and Twister! Why do you want her dead so much?!

Growler: As,I said.It's just back luck! It's not my fault Melody found me & November's lanturn!

Twister: Just let us have the mirror piece!

Growler: Okay,you can have it...

  • The mirror piece floats in front of the giant TV

Growler: Well,what are you idiots waiting for?! You want the mirror piece,go and get it!

Twister: We are not stupid,Growler!

Growler: Oh,well! You want your sister to die?!

Twister: No...of course not!


Twister: NO! Because,it is a trick...

Growler: Hah.

  • The mirror piece drops

Vanellope: It's gonna smash!

Twister: *Gasps and tries to catch the mirror piece*

  • The mirror piece dissapears

Growler: *Laughs evilly* You guys,are really dumb! That's not the REAL mirror piece! The REAL one was behind the TV screen all along!

Twister: *Eyes fill with tears* YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!

Growler: Fine! You want that mirror piece?! COME AND GET IT,IDIOTS!

  • The giant TV flies backwards
  • Loads of sharp axes,knifes,daggers and spears begin swirling around the room

Twister: *Gasps*

Chapter 19

Melissa: We'll get shredded to pieces!

Growler: Give up?!

Twister: Never! *Jumps towards the raisors*

Cardiff: *Sqeaks Twister,oh no!*

Vanellope: TWISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fluffy & Melissa: *Hug each other trembling*

  • A raisor cuts Twister's left arm

Twister: Ouch! *Left arm bleeds*

Growler: This is so hilarious to watch!

Vanellope: YOU BIG GOON! *to Growler*

Twister: Don't worry,Vanellope! I'll make this! 

Vanellope: Are you sure?!

Twister: *to Growler* You actually think a gang of stupid sharp raisors will stop me from saving my sister?! No,no,no.I'm so sorry,but you obviously don't know me,well enough. *Jumps onto a raisor and front flips onto an axe*

Fluffy: Woah...

Cardiff: Eeeeee...*Squeals*

Twister: *Jumps onto a knife & almost loses her balance* Aaaah!

Melissa: *Gasps*

Vanellope: TWISTER?!

Twister: *Grabs onto another knife to get her balance back*

Melissa: Phew!

Twister: *The knife cuts her left hand* (Tears form) Ouch again! (Jumps onto a dagger)

Vanellope: One more jump,and you'll be there,Twister!

Growler: No,this cannot be! *Swoops Twister off her feet*

Twister: *Screams and falls off the dagger and falls closer and closer to a swinging axe*

Vanellope: TWISTER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A tearing sound happens

Vanellope: *Tears form*

  • Part of Twister's hoodie floats

Melissa & Fluffy: *Tears form*

  • Twister stays still & silent...

Chapter 20

Vanellope: *Shakily walks around and sees Twister gripping on to the sides of the axe* TWISTER?! YOU'RE ALL RIGHT! *Hugs Twister*

Twister: *Quickly grabs the mirror piece* Time to move onto the next,piece! The quicker we get this over the quicker we can save,Melody!

Cardiff: Eeeesh.

Twister: What is it,Cardiff?

Cardiff: *Swoops towards a bookshelf*

Twister: Well done,Cardiff!

Melissa: What good is this old bookshelf? *Kicks it,as Melissa falls down a hole*

Twister: MELISSA?!

Melissa: HELP!

Fluffy: What should we do?!

Twister: Don't worry...*Looks at the mirror frame* Starlight,wouldn't of gave me this? If it was no use,would she?

Fluffy: But,that's to save,Melody...NOT to save,Melissa from falling down a hole.

Twister: Who says the mirror CAN'T save other people?! *Smiles at Fluffy*

Fluffy: *Smiles back at Twister*

  • Meanwhile...


Smelody: Look,I'm sorry...

Swister: ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smelody: Well,there is nothing else to say.

Swister: *Slaps Smelody*

Smelody: What was that for?!

Swister: It took Smellope absoulutely AGES,to wash that melted chocolate out of her hair!

Smelody: Look,I had to do something?! and the other shadows and stupid Growler,would of done something else crazy.


Smelody: Well...YES.


Smelody: To be honest,yes.I know what it's like to be a left-out rebel,who get's treated like no one wants you about.I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE,SWISTER!

Swister: Wait,until Growler hears about this!!!!! Shily,where are you?!

Shily: (A shadow version of Lily) Yes,Swister?!

Swister: Take this disgrace out of my face! *Points to Smelody*

Shily: *Grabs Smelody and drags her away*

Smelody: Where are you taking me,Shily?!

Shily: You know where,Smelody...

Smelody: You don't mean...

Shily: Yes!

Smelody: NOOOOOOOOO!. (Shily drags Smelody away around the corner)

Chapter 21

  • Twister,Melissa,Vanellope & Fluffy run into another room.

Twister: Hmmm...where could it be?

Melissa: Hey,look a pile of bones....

Fluffy: Bones?!

Twister: *Lifts up a bone from the pile of bones*

  • The second mirror peice gleems at Twister

Twister: OMG! *Goes to grab it*

  • The bones begin to rumble

Vanellope: Twister,look out!

Twister: *Screams*

  • The bones form into skeletons

Vanellope: Ummm...

Skeleton 1: Why are you here?!

Skeleton 2: Yeah,why?!

Skeleton 3: Are you here to steal our tooth pick?!

Twister: Tooth pick...?

Skeleton 1: *Holding the mirror peice* Yeah,DUH!

Twister: ...

Vanellope: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME THAT! *Leaps at the skeletons*

Skeleton 1: Stay back! *Attacks Vanellope*

  • Meanwhile...
  • Sugar Rush is much darker and stone stachues of Melody are being built
  • Melody is sitting on a golden throne,laughing evilly.

Melody: Thank you,for doing this to me Growler!

Growler: You are welcome!

  • As the moon became full,Growler slowly began to come into few

Grace: *Behind a jawbreaker* OMG! I see her...the shadow girl...what is she up to?!

  • The shadows guard the Golden throne,shouting out orders to Sugar Rush racers...

Geeky: I got your homework,Melody...

Shily: Hey,back off,jerkface!

Geeky: *Sighs and walks off*

Tiffany: I made your blog post on Sugarbook,Melody!

  • Shows Melody the blog post

Melody: *Rolls eyes*

Tiffany: *Get's super annoyed* Melody,what happened to you?!

Melody: A miracle happened that's what,Tiffany...

  • Growler cackles evilly...

Chapter 22

Smelody: Let me go! 

Shily: Shut up!

Swister: *Opens a dark treasure chest*

Smelody: Guys,you don't have to do this...

Shily: It's too late...

  • The dark treasure chest flings open and a dark stormy scene is shown inside

Smelody: Please... *Sobbing*

Shily: Adiós Smelody!

Swister & Shily: *Pushes Smelody into the dark treasure chest*

Smelody: *Screams* (Glitches away)

Swister: That's good,now she won't get in our way...

  • Meanwhile,in the lanturn...

Vanellope: Great...just great...

  • Skeletons charge towards them...

Chapter 23

  • Lindsay and Evan are sitting at a table eating some snacks

Evan: *Snatches a bag of peanuts off Lindsay* 

Lindsay: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!

Evan: I need to break these peanuts up for you...I don't want you choking... *Kisses Lindsay on the cheek*

Lindsay: *Snatches peanuts back* I don't need you to do that,Evan...

Evan: Oh yes,you do... *Snatches them back*


Evan: *Looks up at Lindsay,as his eyes glow red* This is exactly what you wanted,so this is what you get...

Lindsay: *Gasps* are not the guy I thought you were....

Evan: *Pours the peanuts onto the table and bashes them with his head* LOVELY PEANUTS! I NEED MORE PEANUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay: Eeek!

  • In the lanturn...

Vanellope: *Kicking the skeletons*

Twister: *Fighting a skeleton*

Skeleton: Take that!!!!!!!!!!! *Kicks Twister to the ground*

Twister: Aaaah!

Melissa: Twister!!!!! *Runs to her*

Skeleton: *Hits Melissa in the head with an axe made of bones*

Melissa: *Screams* (Everything goes blurry,as she drops to the floor)


Twister: No... *Tears form*

Vanellope: Grrr...thats it... *Runs towards the skeletons* No one kills one of my loyal subjects without my permission...

Skeleton: *Hits Vanellope in the face with a sword made of bones*

Vanellope: *Falls to the floor bleeding*


Fluffy: OMG!

Vanellope: (Sees loads of flashing lights and wakes up on a beach with grey sand) Ugh...what the heck?! What is this place?! (Stands up and walks towards the seashore and notices a ship in the distance) HEY!!!! OVER HERE!!!!!! *Waves at the ship*

  • The ship disappears

Vanellope: Ugh...

Melody: *In the distance* Vanellope,hey!!!!!!!!

Vanellope: OMG,Melody?! What the heck are you doing here?!

Melody: *A hole begins to form inside of Melody*

Vanellope: MELODY?!

Melody: *Blinks,as her eyeballs disappear*

Vanellope: Eeek!

Melody: *Drops to the floor*

Growler: *Appears behind Melody* This is what happens to the bratty finders...

Vanellope: *Screams,as the beach around her begins to spin,widly* (Drops to the floor,as everything goes black)

Chapter 24

Vanellope: *Wakes up* MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Tears in her eyes*

  • Vanellope sits up and notices Twister and Fluffy have both been attacked with axes made of bones

Vanellope: Twister?! Fluffy?! Are you guys all right?!

Twister: Yes... *Slowly struggles to sit up*

Fluffy: Ouch... *Head bleeds*

Skeleton: Now,it's time to end the three of you...ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!! *Raises his sword made of bones*

Vanellope: *Huddles together with Twister and Fluffy*

Skeleton: *Screams and falls to the floor as all of his bones crack*

Smaffyta: (Flying on Cardiff) Those idiots are not worth it... *Behind the skeletons holding a bow and arrow*

Vanellope: Weird,Taffyta girl...hello,again!

Twister: CARDIFF!!!!! *Hugs him*

Cardiff: Eeeeeeeeeeeesh! *Sqeaks TWISTER!!!!!*

Smaffyta: And you may not have the greatest sense in fashion,but...I still didn't like seeing you struggling and I heard about your little sister...she might die,because of Growler? *to Vanellope*

Vanellope: Yes,and we have hardly found any of the mirror pieces...only a couple...but,that STILL isn't good enough...

  • A giant crash is heard

Fluffy: What was that?!

Smaffyta: I don't know...let me check it out... *Walks into the shadows* GROWLER,IF THAT'S YOU! I SWEAR-(Smaffyta is cut off by a blond girl walking out of the shadows) STOP,WHO GOES THERE?!?!?!

Lily: Eeeek,please don't kill me,Miss.Taffyta Recolour!

Twister: Lily?!?!?! Melody,banished you,too?!

Lily: Yes and I have been stuck in that stupid cupbored for hours...

  • Meanwhile...

Taffyta: Seriously,Trifila?!

Trifila: Look,I'm so was the best I could do...


Trifila: There is no need to shout at me...

Taffyta: *Facepalm*

Chapter 25

  • The shadows are all laughing in a circle

Growler: Guys,are you ready?!

Swister: Ready,as we will ever be,Denise...

Smark: Yeah,I can't wait to do this!

  • All the shadows glare at Smark...

Smellope: You seriously think we are going to let YOU,help US?!?!?!

Smark: Sure...why not?!

Sluffy: You haven't helped us one little bit...

Shily: Agreed...all you have done is sit about,while all of us is working our socks off replacing those awful brats...


Smellope: I don't think Smark should be allowed to continue to help us,right guys?!

  • All of the shadows and Growler agree

Smark: don't have to do that to me! PLEASE!

Swister: It's too late for that,I'm afraid...

Smark: Melody hasn't even banished Mark,,it's not MY fault!

Smelissa: Shut up!

Smellope: *Turns to Grolwer* So Denise,can we get rid of Smark?!?!?!

Growler: *Smirks evilly* Go ahead...

  • All the shadows circle Smark and throw him into the same dark treasure chest,they did with Smelody.

Smark: *Screams in pain,as the void crushes him,as he glitches away*

Growler: Now...time to get this ceremony,started!!!!!!!!!!! *Cackles evilly*

Swister: Let me just check if my sister is ready... *Walks into a make-up room* Melody,are you ready to put this show on the road?!

Melody: *Turns around,looking sinister,wearing all black and looking goth* Oh,yes indeed little sis... *Takes Swister and Smellope's hand*

  • All of the shadows,Melody and Growler walk off into the moonlight,ready to plan their evil deed...

Chapter 26

  • As the shadows,Melody and Growler walk towards the centre of Sugar Rush Speedway,Swister notices a poster on the wall about Grace,the Sugar Rush Council...

Swister: *Tears poster down* Ugh,I forgot about her...

Smellope: She's the Sugar Rush Council,she may put a stop to us...

Sluffy: How do we know for sure?!

Shily: never ever know with that brat...

Smelissa: Just to be on the safe side we better banish her...

Growler: I like your thinking... *Turns to Melody* Come on, don't want to risk your fame,do you?! *Eyes glow red*

Melody: Of course not! We better go to that brat's office...

Growler: Come on! She will be disGRACED! *Cackles evilly*

  • They all walk to Grace's office

Shily: *Bursts through the door* Hello,my good friend....


Shily: Oh,just somewhere special... *Winks at Melody*

Melody: *Winks back at Shily*

Swister: Yeah,yeah...whatever...we have notcied something about your Council skills...

Grace: Really,what is that?

Smellope: *Throws a box of fake complaints onto Grace's desk* THEY STINK!!!

Grace: *Gasps*

Smelissa: I think it's time we remove this loser from the Council...

Grace: *Gulps*

Chapter 27

Swister: your stuff,sis...

Melody: November,I need you!

November: *Appears* Oh,hello again...who may I banish for you,this time?

Melody: Quit with the sarcasm and just banish this fail of a Council... *Points at Grace*

Grace: Please, don't have to listen to her,right?!

November: As you choose... *Claps her hands together*

Grace: *Screams and glitches away*

Growler: Finally,we don't have to worry about anybody else...

  • Meanwhile...

Twister: Now,that your here,you can help us find the mirror pieces...

Lily: Mirror pieces?! I think I seen one of those...

Vanellope: Really,where?!

Lily: In that stupid cupboard...

Twister: What are we waiting for?! Let's go!

  • Vanellope,Twister,Lily,Cardiff and Smaffyta all walk towards where Lily came out of,but they notice Fluffy doesn't seem to want to come with them

Twister: Fluffy...?

Fluffy: I can't continue this mission without Melissa...I just CAN'T leave her dead body there...rotting away,like an old bag of unwanted Halloween candy...

Twister: Fluffy,I know it's hard and I know Melissa was your best friend,but...she is in a better place now...

Fluffy: *Smiles at Twister and holds her hand*

  • They all walk off into the cupboard...
  • Meanwhile...
  • The shadows are waiting near the door of the castle,as everybody is waiting to go in for Melody's ceremony
  • Melody and Growler are sitting at the top of the castle,waiting for Melody to be crowned shadow Queen by Smellope

Swizzle: Hey,let us in! *to Shily*

Candlehead: YEAH,we want to see our Queen being crowned...

Rancis: Hurry up...I am her boyfriend after all...

Gloyd: Only,because you forced her...

  • Rancis and Gloyd have a massive argument


Shily: YEAH! If you blabber one more'll not be allowed to see her crowning ceremony...

Chapter 28

  • A couple of minutes passed and the doors flung wide open.All of the Sugar Rush Speedway racers rushed to the doors

Swister: *Holds her hand up* Woah,woah,woah! Not yet! *Turns to Sluffy* Where is she?!

Sluffy: *Pushes Tartelina in front of the crowd*

Swister: Hello,Tartelina...

Tartelina: What do you want?!

Swister: I want you to use your magic powers to read these idiots minds to see if they like Melody and if they don' don't need to know what will happen if they don't.... *Points at the crowd*

Citrusella: Hey,we are not idiots...

Shily: SHUT UP! *Eyes glow red at Citrusella*

Citrusella: Eeeek! *Turns into a mindless zombie*

Shily: *Stares at the crowd*

The Crowd: *Gulps*

Shily: And that's what will happen to you little brats,too...if you moan ONE MORE TIME!

  • The Crowd doesn't speak

Swister: *Turns back to Tartelina* DO IT!

Tartelina: I don't really want to use my magic powers on this type of deed...

Shily: Want to be a mindless zombie,too?! *Eyes glow red at Tartelina*

Tartelina: No... *Stares at the crowd and sighs*

Swister: Right everybody! You are free to go!

  • The crowd bursts through the castle doors

Tartelina: *Looks at Swizzle,as he walks past* He likes Melody... *Looks at Gloyd,as he walks past* He likes Melody... *Looks at Rancis,as he walks past* He LOVES Melody!

  • Tartelina is cut off by four figures walking out of the bushes and roughly pushing through the crowd
  • Butterscott,Toffeella,Carrie and Butterscarlet appear at the the front of the crowd looking angry

Tartelina: ...? *Stares at them*

Shily: Don't just stare at them! Read their minds!

Tartelina: *Sighs and reads their minds* No...they do not like Melody...

Butterscott: Twister?! Lily?! Fluffy?! ALL OF YOU?! What happened to you?!

Carrie: Agreed! Who rattled your cage?!

Swister: Ugh! *Clicks fingers*

  • Shace (a shadow version of Grace) appears behind them

Shace: *Grabs Carrie and Butterscott and hand cuffs them*

Toffeella: *Gasps* GRACE?!

Butterscarlet: Let my big Brother and Sister go!

Sluffy: Nevermind letting your big Brother and Sister go... *Clicks fingers*

  • Smelissa grabs Toffeella and Butterscarlet and hand cuffs them,too
  • Shace and Smelissa take the Mellbutters away

Butterscarlet: Where are you taking us?!

Shace: Somewhere...where you will learn to love your shadow Queen...

Chapter 29

  • As all the racers got in line to watch their shadow Queen being crowned,3 bell chimes happened,as all of the Shadows walked to the top of the castle,where Melody,Growler and Smellope is waiting

Smellope: *On a microphone* On this VERY special day,I am here to announce the crowning ceremony of my little sister,Melody Von Schweetz,who will be our future shadow Queen

  • All of the boys cheer We love you Melody

Smellope: SILENCE!

  • The boys all shut up

Smellope: As,I was must treat my little sister with respect and care for her,I want no one disobaying her orders... *Turns to Swister* Swister,if you please...?!

Swister: *Gets a shadowy looking crown and passes it to Smellope*

Smellope: With the help of my friends... *Looks at Growler,smirking evilly* I now crown Melody Von Schweetz the Sugar Rush Speedway shadow Queen... *Places the shadowy crown on Melody's head*

Melody: *Forms into a dark and scary dress and smirks down evilly at the line of racers*

Sour Bill: All hail the shadow Queen,Melody...

  • Everybody hails Melody


  • Everybody bows at Melody
  • Smelissa whispers something into Melody's ear

Melody: What...?! Taffyta and Trifila are throwing a party?!?!?!

Growler: Ugh,why does that taffy brat have to try and ruin everything?!?!?!? *Turns to Melody* I think we have to banish somebody else...

Melody: *Eyes glow red*

Chapter 30

  • In the lanturn...
  • As they walked down the long cupboard,they heard roaring noises from the distance...

Twister: Shhh...what's that?!

Fluffy: *Opens a doorway*


  • A gingerbread bear is chasing her

Bear: Me hungry...

Grace: Leave me alone...


Bear: Sorry,I have not had a meal in ages...

Grace: *Trembling*

Lily: That's fine...just please don't eat people...

Bear: I seriously don't eat people...

Twister: He's right... *Looks at dusty old bowls of empty bear food* Hasn't November fed you...?

Bear: Yes,but we have ran out of food...

Fluffy: What's your name?!

Bear: My name is Crumble and I am the warrior bear of this part of the lanturn...

Vanellope: Do you think you can help us find a piece of a mirror...?

Crumble: I can indeed help you...the mirror piece in my paw *Lifts up his paw*

Cardiff: Eeeeah? *Squeaks How did you manage to get that in there?!

Crumble: I am meant to be one of the obstacles which stop you from getting the mirror piece...Growler decided it was a good idea and that you guys would back out when you seen me...

Lily: Unfortunately,Crumble...Nothing is going to stop us...we need that mirror piece...Our friend's life is in peril...

Crumble: *Gasps* I had no idea,somebody innocent was going to die?!

Twister: Do you mind if we get the mirror piece from inside your paw...?

Crumble: Sure,go ahead... *Lifts up his paw*

Fluffy: How do we get inside his paw though...?!

Crumble: Easy...grab one of my chocolate chip claws and it will open the entry to the mirror piece...

Lily: Are you are all right with us doing this?!

Crumble: Don't worry...I won't feel a thing!

Lily: *Yanks slowly at each of his chocolate chip claws,as one becomes loose and a mirror piece slips out* Yay! *Puts his claw back in* Thanks,so much,Crumble!

Crumble: Any time!

Fluffy: Would you like to come with us...?

Twister: Yeah,you could help us!

Crumble: Hmmm...of course I will...I'll carry save you the walk...

Chapter 31

  • As Taffyta and Trifila are planning for the party,Taffyta has no idea what is coming to her

Taffyta: I got to say are quite impressive... *Looks at the glittery clothes collection Trifila has made*

Trifila: *Looking tired* That's all right...I guess...

Taffyta: Trifila,get me a drink,please... *Passes her some golden coins*

Trifila: Ugh...fine... *Walks off to the snack bar*

  • Meanwhile,November is walking feeling scared at what Growler has made Melody become

November: I wish,I could of stopped Growler...

  • November then notices Melody,Growler and the shadows walking towards Taffyta and relises what they are planning to do to her

Growler: Come on! That Taffy brat is still on the loose and she could destroy your fame by a click of her fingers... *to Melody*

November: *Runs inside a bush near Taffyta* Spsssst...Taffyta...

Taffyta: Hmmm...maybe Trifila was right! Bushes can speak!

November: No,it's me! *Pops her head out of the bush*

Taffyta: Oh,it's you...

November: *Grabs Taffyta and pulls her behind the bush*

Taffyta: HEY,GET OFF OF ME! No wonder,you are Melody's genie...

November: NO.Melody is going to banish you...and it's up to you to be the hero...

Taffyta: What do you mean?!

November: *Gives Taffyta a berry orb* This is a berry orb...when you are banished,you MUST give this to Twister or somebody else who is banished,too...

Taffyta: What...?! You are talking loads of gobbledy goop!

November: Just trust me,please! *Tears form*

Swister: SHE IS GONE?!

Smellope: Where did that taffy brat go?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

November: *Looks at Taffyta* RUN!!!!!!!!! *Grabs her and runs off*

Smelissa: There she is!!!!!!!!!!

Growler and Melody: GET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melody,Growler and the shadows dash towards November and Taffyta,their eyes glowing red with anger

Chapter 32

Taffyta and November: *Panting*

November: Phew! We have lost them!

  • A gang of red eyes appears behind November's head

Taffyta: Look out! Behind you!

Glower: *Zaps November*

November: Eeeek! *Falls to the floor*

Melody: You are coming with us... *to Taffyta*

Taffyta: *Gasps*

Smellope and Swister: *Carry November's passed out body*

Smelissa: *Hand cuffs Taffyta*

  • November slowly wakes up in the castle,as she notices Melody is sitting on the throne with Glower and the shadows standing next to her
  • Taffyta is tied to a chair with ropes

Taffyta: LET ME GO!!!

Shily: Be quiet! We have seen what you are trying to do to Melody...

Taffyta: What?!

Swister: You think stealing her fame will make your ugly face shine again?!

Taffyta: Why you little...

Melody: SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smellope: Oh,honey...Swist- Erm...I mean Twister and Lily are right...

Shace: You try and get Trifila to help you with your stupid little party?!

Taffyta: Shut your face!

Melody: *Stands up from her throne* Oh,honey... *Walks over to Taffyta* I'll never ever shut my face for you,ever again...

Taffyta: What do you mean...ever again?!

Melody: I was your little victim who was actually scared at you at one stage...but,now you are the one who will be scared of me...

Taffyta: I don't care! You may be dating Rancis! *Turns red with anger* But,he is still always there for me...right?!

Sluffy: Oh,honey... *Passes Taffyta her phone*

Taffyta: *Looks at Sluffy's phone,as there is a picture of Rancis hugging Melody and a giant headline saying I HAVE ALWAYS HATED TAFFYTA!* (Gasps) No... *Tears form*

Growler Awww, poor big bad Taffyta...jealous of her little victim...

  • Melody,Growler and all of the shadows laugh evilly

Chapter 33

Taffyta: I won't let you get away with this,you hear me?! NEVER EVER!

Sluffy: Oh...just watch us...

Taffyta: *Growls at Sluffy and throws her phone to the castle floor,as the phone smashes*

Sluffy: OI! YOU LITTLE BRAT! *Eyes glow red at Taffyta* MELODY??!?!?!?! GET RID OF HER!!!!!

Melody: November,I need y-

  • Melody is cut off by a snappy voice

November: I'm already here,you know...

Melody: Ugh,you have become very awkward lately,haven't you?!

November: Really?! If that's so,I am not the only one... *Glares at Melody*


November: I would of liked that wish with less of the attitude,Melody,but since...I can't REALLY blame you for your weird mood,lately...I shall make that wish for you... *Claps her hands together*


Shily and Smelissa: *Chuckle evilly*

Growler: Since,that spoilt taffy brat is gone,we can stop her stupid little party...

Shace: What about Trifila?!

Shily: Let's banish her!

Growler: NO! We need to save the wishes...for much more important things... *Smirks evilly at Melody*

Chapter 34

  • In the lanturn...

Twister: So,where exactly are the other mirror pieces,Crumble?!

Crumble: I don't know...I only guide that part of the where else,sorry...

  • All of a sudden a little spooky jingle rings from Smaffyta's pocket

Smaffyta: Ugh,that is probably Shrancis,texting me...

  • Smaffyta picks up her phone

Smaffyta: Hello?

  • A familar voice mumbles from the phone...

Smaffyta: Yes,yes,yes...I will be right over,Growler... *Puts her phone down*

Vanellope: Wait,so you...?!



Lily: WE TRUSTED YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Grace: You are like Dorita...but,EVEN WORSE!

Smaffyta: WOAH! Calm your little snappy breathes down for a minute...I am a Taffyta shadowy-looking recolour and you idiots didn't twig for a moment,that I would be on Growler's side of all of this...?!

Twister: NO! You were actually pretty sweet!

Smaffyta: *Looks sad* I didn't mean to cause any problems...

Vanellope: Well,unfortunately,Smaffyta...YOU DID!

Lily: Go back to your little ghostly friend,Smaffyta...

Smaffyta: But-

Fluffy: NOW!!!!!!!!

Crumble: *Roars at Smaffyta*

Smaffyta: *Tears slowly form* Fine...I didn't think you guys were the right friends for me,anyway...

Grace: FRIENDS?!

Smaffyta: Goodbye. *Glitches away*

  • They are all quiet for a moment...


Grace: Nevermind,her! Don't we need to continue with this mission...?!

Twister: Grace is right!

Lily: Wait,a second...?! If,Smaffyta is needed by Growler...? What is Smaffyta needed for...?

Fluffy: Probably,to replace somebody...

Vanellope: But,who?!

Twister: Well,if Smaffyta is that Taffyta new girl's evil shadow,then Growler must be using Smaffyta to replace- (Twister is cut off by a giant crash)

Taffyta: *Falls from the sky* OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT HURT!!!!!!!!!

All of them: TAFFYTA!!!!!!!

Chapter 35

Taffyta: Who-?! What-?! Where am I?!?!?!?!

Twister: In November and Growler's lanturn...

Taffyta: WAIT! Where is Melody?...WHERE IS THAT LITTLE CRUMBSNATCHER?!?!?! LET ME AT HER!!!!!! *Begins waving her fists about*

Grace: Woah! Calm down

Taffyta: NO,GRACE! I have just lost my boyfriend and my reputation to a spoilt little idiot,who thinks she is much better than me!

Fluffy: When you say that,Taffyta...You are basically describing yourself...

  • They all stare at Fluffy shocked with what she just said

Lily: Fluffy,where did that come from?!

Fluffy:'s the truth!

Vanellope: Ugh! Look we already know you miss Melissa,but it's not our-

Fluffy: (Cuts Vanellope off and screams) SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Twister: Fluffy...come on!

Fluffy: NO!

Grace: Ugh! Fluffy,just chill!

Vanellope: ENOUGH!

Fluffy: No.

Vanellope: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?!?!?!

Fluffy: No. *Eyes glow red*

Grace: Ummm...

Fluffy: *Punches Vanellope*

Vanellope: HEY!!!!!!

  • A giant fight goes on...

Growler: *Looking through a small mirror in her pocket.* YES!!!!!!!!!! Turning them against each other will slow their little plan down...MWAHAHAHA!

Chapter 36

  • Meanwhile...

Melody: *Getting served with drinks and snacks* (Sighs) This is the life...

Smellope: I am SOOOO proud of you,little sis!

Melody: Well,I coudln't of done it without Growler and you guys,too!

  • All of a sudden a giant noise of a microphone echoes through Sugar Rush Speedway

Surge Protector: (On the microphone) Melody Von Schweetz,please come to Game Central Station,right now,thank you...

Melody: Ugh,what does he want?!?!?!

  • Melody,Growler and the shadows walk into Game Central Station

Surge Protector: Apparantly,you have broke the secruity tags on the entrances to the games...

Melody: Why would I do that?!?!?!?!

Surge Protector: Well,Pacman has been complaining that his cherries have gone missing and considering your wearing a Queen crown made of Pacman cherries...

Melody: (Takes the crown off) What-?! YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!

Surge Protector: If you don't fix the broken secruity tags,you'll have to be taken away from your game...and never ever race again...

Melody: *Gasps*

Growler: *Whispers in Melody's ear* You can't do what he says...You are the Sugar Rush Speedway shadow Queen! Maybe,you should show him what happens when someone tries to tell you what to do...

Melody: *Eyes glow red at Surge Protector*

Surge Protector: *Gulps* This can't be good...

Chapter 37

Melody: Why am I even listening to what you are saying to me??!?!?!

Surge Protector: W-well,I would appreicate if you would follow the rules of the arcade...

Melody: Oh,sweetiepie...I AM THE RULES!

Surge Protector: Aaaaaah! *Tries to run away*

  • Growler and the shadows capture him...

Melody: *Glitches into her shadowy gown and her hair turns almost into lightning bolts*

Surge Protector: Oh my!

Melody: Think I should follow the rules now,Surge Protector?!

Surge Protector: N-no.

Melody: BUT,you still tried to tell me what to,let's make sure you get some kind of punishment...

Swister: Maybe,the Surge Protector should still be able to continue with his job,but as a STONE! *Cackles evilly*

Melody: *Smirks evilly at Swister* PERFECT!

Surge Protector: I hope you are not going to do what I think you are going to do....

Melody: Awww,it's all right! Your job will never ever leave you! 

  • Melody,Growler and the shadows all cackle evilly...

Melody: November,I need you!

November: *Appears*  What...?! *Notices the Surge Protector* Ooooh,another's not like you never ever banish people right,Melody? *Laughs sarcasticly at Melody*

Melody: Actually,this one is NOT to be banished,GENIUS!

November: Wow! That makes a massive change...what did he do not cook your curry properly? *Snickers*

Melody: I wish that the Surge Protector was turned into,he can ALWAYS remember his little stupid job...

November: Wow! That's a brand new one...I better do that for you... *Claps her hands together*

Surge Protector: Aaaaah! *Glitches,as all of his body turn into stone*

Melody: I actually feel quite sorry for him....he'll scare everybody away!!!!!!!!!!! *Laughs evilly*

Shily: I think he looks kind of cute...

All of them: ...

Chapter 38

  • In the lanturn...

Fluffy and Vanellope: *Lying on the ground panting*

Fluffy: *Sits up and giggles* OMG! How stupid was I?! *Stands up and helps Vanellope up* I am so sorry,Vanellope...I guess I don't know what came over me...

Vanellope: Meh.It's all right...I have had worse...

  • Meanwhile

Growler: *Looking through a little mirror in her pocket* No!!!!!!! Their stupid friendship has taken over...Hmmmf...I need to think fast...

Melody: *Writing on a chalk bored* So,what changes can we make to this game-?!

Shily: Well,we could make statues of you in Game Central Station...?

Swister: But,people in the other games won't allow it...?

Melody: Ugh! WAIT,why become JUST shadow Queen,when I can be leader of all the arcade-?! Then,they'll HAVE to allow it,won't they?!

Swister: Great,idea!

Melody: November,I need you!

November: *Appears* What do you want from me now,Melody?!

Melody: I wish to become leader of the WHOLE arcade...

November: *Sighs* As,you choose! *Claps hands together*

  • Loads of smoke happens

Melody: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Growler: 3 wishes left...It's almost time...

  • Back in the lanturn...

Twister: Let's move on...we haven't got long left...

  • They all start walking...

Grace: *Trips over something* Ouch,what the-?! Wait...theres a trap door... *Opens it and slips inside* Aaaaah!

Lily: GRACE?!

  • They all jump inside...
  • They all fall inside a swimming pool...

Fluffy: *Lifts her right hand up,as it's bleeding* Ouch!

Twister: Fluffy,are you all right?! What hurt you?!

Fluffy: This stupid thing,here! *Picks up something sharp*

Vanellope: The mirror piece!

Crumble: Well done,Fluffy...

Cardiff: Eeeeeeeeeesh! *Squeaks That was too easy!*

Twister: Cardiff,is right...that WAS too easy...

Taffyta: Agreed.

  • All of a sudden a giant swimming pool monster bursts out of the water and tries to eat Twister

Twister: *Screams*

Lily: TWISTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Twister: *Has a fight with the swimming pool monster*

  • The swimming pool monster roars and goes back into the water

Twister: *Falls* Aaaah!

Cardiff: *Catches her*

Twister: Woah!

  • Meanwhile in the Fungeon...

Butterscott: Ugh! How are we gonna get out of here?!

Carrie: Ssssh...somebody's coming!

  • Growler,Melody and the shadows walk in,their whole bodies in darkness and their eyes glowing as red as the planet Mars

Shace: So...have you learned to love your leader...?

Butterscarlet: NEVER!

Growler: How sad...looks like we need to take drastic action...Melody,do your stuff...

Melody: November,you are needed!

November: *Sighs* Yes?!

Melody: I wish the Mellbutter's were all glitches,so they cannot leave their game...

November: Yes,Melody! *Claps her hands together*

Toffeella: *Begins glitching* Uh-Oh!

Carrie: GRRRRR...WHAT DID YOU D-DO TO U-US?! *Glitches*

Butterscott: This i-i-i-is not f-fair! *Glitches*

Butterscarlet: W-we don't want to stay in th-this horrible game any more... *Glitches*

Growler: should of thought about that,before not obeying Melody...

Chapter 39

  • In the lanturn...

Taffyta: *Finds a door* Yes,the sooner we find these stupid mirror pieces,the sooner I can get out of this place and gain my popuality back! *Opens the door and screams*

  • Loads of sharp glass pieces on large chunky woodens sticks fly across the room

Fluffy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Dodges them*

Grace: We are all going to die!

Crumble: *Whimpers and backs up and falls backwards hitting something hard on the wall*

  • All of the drama stops

Twister: Huh?!

Vanellope: Those sharp glass pieces look awfully familar...

Lily: OMG,they are...

All of them: THE MIRROR PIECES!!!!!!!

Cardiff: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! *Squeaks Hooray!*

Twister: But,why did Growler make that so easy? *While collecting the mirror pieces from the large chunky wooden sticks*

Grace: Well...Growler does think we are dumb...

Fluffy: Yeah and she probably thought we would be so scared about the sharp pieces almost killing us,that we wouldn't have noticed that they were the mirror pieces...

Taffyta: *Laughs meanly* How stupid of her...

  • All of a sudden the lanturn begins rumbling...

Lily: What's that?!

  • A giant TV forms

Growler: *Appears on the giant TV* IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twister: Uh-Oh!


  • Loads of flying carpets fly into the room...

Twister: How are we going to get out of here though?!

Taffyta: Hmmmm... *Remembers the berry orb November gave her* THE BERRY ORB... *Get's the berry orb out of her pocket*

Grace: What the heck is that?!

Taffyta: *Gives the berry orb to Twister* November,told me to give this to you...she said it will show us all the entrance out of here...

Twister: Thank you so much,Taffyta! But,how does it-?! (Twister is cut-off as all of them get electricuted)

  • They all burst through the skies of Sugar Rush Speedway riding magic carpets,as Lily rides on Crumble's back...

Crumble: *Roars*

  • The time ticks by...

Growler: *Turns to Melody* Do you remember the wish Melody?!

Melody* *Almost a mindless zombie* Yes,I do...I wish that Growler could-

Growler: No! Don't say it yet! Just a little bit longer...*Stares at the giant clock inside of the castle*

Chapter 40

Part 1

  • The clock finally chimes midnight,as Growler laughs as all the power flows inside of her...

Growler: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Melody,make the wish,QUICKLY!

Melody: I wish that Growler could- what was it,again?

Growler: Ugh!

Vanellope,Twister,Grace,Taffyta,Lily and Fluffy: *All fly in* 

Vanellope: Give me my little sister back,you IDIOT!

Growler: Go away!!!!!!!!!!

Grace: *Does a karate kick at Growler's face*

Growler: SHADOWS,GET THEM!!!!!!!

  • They all run towards them,but glitch away

Growler: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO,YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melody: Ugh...why are you here?! *to Vanellope*


Melody: Vanellope,I am loved and cherrised now...and no one can bully nor can they disobey me...

Twister: Melody,we loved and cherrised you...JUST REMEMBER! *Throws the golden mirror frame,followed by all of the mirror pieces into the air*

  • The mirror pieces and the golden mirror frame all formed together and floated in front of Melody...
  • Melody seen inside the mirror images of Vanellope learning her how to ride a bike and her and Twister playing catch together and loads of great memories...

Vanellope: I hope this works...

Melody: *Slowly glitches back into normal* Vanellope?! Twister?! *Runs into them and hugs them*

Twister: Melody,I missed you sooo much!

Melody: I am SO sorry for being an idiot,I REALLY am...

Growler: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Glitches a lot and screams,as all of Sugar Rush Speedway rumbles and cracks*

  •  A crack goes between Vanellope,Twister and Melody

Vanellope: MELODY!!!!!!!!!



Part 2

Melody: *Tears form*

  • In the distance,Melody hears a voice screaming for Help!
  • Melody notices Max is hanging from one of the cracks,as a fire is crackling under him that Growler has summoned

Melody: OMG,MAX! *Jumps towards him,but almost slips on the crack*

Max: Melody!!!!!!!!!!

Melody: Max,it'll be fine! Just stay still!

Vanellope: MELODY,BE CAREFUL!!!!

Melody: *Tries to help him up*

  • A dark sinister familiar figure appears behind Melody

Growler: *Zaps Melody and Max*

Max: *Screams*

Melody: Max,calm down! We are going to be just fine! *All of a sudden Melody feels dizzy* W-woah! *Almost slips of the edge of the crack*

Twister: OMG! It's Melody's code...

Vanellope: YOU LITTLE BRAT! WHAT DID YOU DO?! *to Growler*

Growler: I would explain...but it'd be TOO LATE...MWAAHAHAHAAHAHA!

November: *Appears behind Growler* GROWLER!

Growler: Everythings going great...DON'T TRY AND RUIN EVERYTHING I INTEND TO DO!

November: Please.Growler...

Growler: No.Melody is almost gone,which means it's almost time to give me ALL THE POWER!

November: STOP,GROWLER!!!!!!!! *Tears form*

Growler: *Floats towards Melody* MWAHAHAHA...

???: STOP!

Growler: ?!

???: *Turns out to be Trifila* I GOT A GREEN PEPPER AND IT'S SPICY! *Holds up a green pepper*

Growler: ... *Bursts out laughing* What do you think I am...a fool?!

Trifila: Yes,I do... *Throws green pepper at Growler*

Growler: ... *The green pepper hits growler and a big explosion happens* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagrh!

Trifila: I told you it was spicy...

Growler: THAT'S IT! IF THIS IS NOT WORKING,I'LL GO AND KILL THE CODE,MYSELF! *Disappears into the castle*

November: CARDIFF!

  • Cardiff swoops over

Vanellope & Twister: *Grab Melody and Max and get onto the other magic carpets*

  • All of the Sugar Rush Speedway citizens run outside the castle to see what's going on...

Melody: *Coughing and looking ill and almost dead*

Vanellope: It's going to be all right... *Tears form*

Growler: *Bursts into the codes* WHERE IS IT?! *Sees Melody code* Ah-Ha! *Zooms towards the code*

November: *Sees some cherry bombs left in the Cherriot* Perfect! *Grabs them and flies off to the code room*

Jubileena: HEY!!!!!!!

November: Growler! 

Growler: November?! GO AWAY!

November: I'm so sorry,but I have to do this... *Throws cherry bombs at Growler*

Growler: *Dodges as many as she can*

Lily,Fluffy,Taffyta and Grace: *Push through the crowd and enters the code room*

Lily: Let's try and find that code!

Grace: *Reads the names* Minty Zaki,Adorableeze Winterpop,Rancis Fluggerbutter...IT'S NOT HERE!!!

Fluffy: We better hurry up!

Taffyta: Wait...I think I see says Growler...

Lily: Quickly,we need to get Vanellope and Twister...

Fluffy: *Calls to Twister and Vanellope* TWISTER!!!!!!!! VANELLOPE!!!!

Vanellope: Huh?!

Twister: Quickly,they found Growler's code...

  • They swoop towards the code...

Grace: We need one of those cherry bombs!

  • Twister and Vanellope's magic carpets make the same echoe Cardiff did in the lanturn...

Cardiff: *With November sitting on him* (fly towards the code)

November: You found it!!!

Fluffy: GAH!!!!!!!!!!! GUYS,SHE'S COMING!

Growler: STAY AWAY FROM THAT CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Growler: NO!!!!

Vanellope: YES!!!!

November: I am so sorry,Growler... *Throws the cherry bomb at the code*

Growler: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! *Glitches into ghostly black dust*

Twister: *Looks down at Melody* Are you all right,Melody?!

Melody: *Sits up* Woah!

  • They all fly back into Sugar Rush Speedway and it's nice and jolly,once again...

Melody: Guys,I'm so sorry...I can't BELIEVE I would do something like that...

Vanellope: It's all right...It's wasn't your fault...It was Growler's...

Melody: *Hugs Twister* I am so sorry,little sis...

Twister: It's all right,I didn't want to lose you...

Trifila: OMG! IT'S ALL SOOO HAPPY! I'M GOING TO CRY! *Blows her nose on Taffyta's racing jacket*

Taffyta: HEY! STOP IT!

Melody: Wait,a minute where is Melissa?!

Fluffy: She died in the lanturn...

Melody: WHAT?!

November: do still have two wishes left,Melody...

Melody: *Face lights up* I wish that Melissa was alive,again...

November: As,you wish... *Claps her hands together*

Melissa: *Appears* Aaaaah! Oh,hiya everybody!

  • They all hug Melissa...

Melody: I am ready for my final wish,November...I wish to undo ALL of my mistakes...

November: As,you wish... *Claps her hands together*

  • All of the mistakes Melody had done,when back to normal...

Melody: Thank you so much,November! *Hugs her*

  • Loads of magic sparkles circle November...

November: Huh?! *November appears in a racing jacket,next to an awesome racing kart*

  • November's lanturn smashes...
  • A new racing code for November Marscandy appears in the code room...


Melody: *Winks at November and walks up to Max* Hey,Max...

Max: Erm...hey,Melody...

Melody: *Kisses Max* Okay,I admit I HAD a crush on you and I still do...

Max: *Blushes* 

Rancis: Um...what happened?! Taffyta,babe-?! Are you all right?!

Taffyta: RANCIS! YOU'RE BACK! *Hugs him*

Vanellope: *From behind a candy cane tree* Hey,guys! I just called Sergeant Cahloun and we are going to have a party in Cybug beach in Hero's Duty...

  • All of the citizens cheer
  • They are all having fun at the beach party...

Melody: *Has a new racing kart and parks it inside of the garage near the beach*

  • They all have fun at the party,dancing,singing,ect.
  • Even Crumble tried to moonwalk...
  • But,when the party ended and it was night time,when everybody had gone home,Melody went to get her racing kart from the garage...

Melody: *Sighs* What a day...

???: *A new-looking racer walks out of the garage* Hello.

Melody: Oh,hey there! I don't remember seeing you at the party...

Racer: Because,I wasn't...

Melody: Are you lost?!

Racer: No.

Melody: Oh...

Racer: I've found exactly who I want to...*Knocks Melody out*

  • Melody wakes up...Tied up on the beach...

Racer: *Forms into all of the shadows*

Melody: Huh-?! How did you-?!

Swister: Goodbye,big sis.

Melody: *Melody is grabbed by her feet,she screams and looks behind her*

Growler: *With a destroyed face* This is what happens to the bratty finders...

  • A whirlwind started in the beach water and Melody got dragged under the water and swept down under the current...



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