Official Bio

Tiffany Swamitran: Cool Chocolate Dainamite

Well, if you all want to know her better, she is a thai country side girl. She's a girl who takes her life with her sister, May Lee Pocketta , and she will take days of racing for her own dues,and is very affectionate for her sis, May Lee.


Tiffany is a girl with latte hair, and various blue and latte clothes, and fairer complexion of Minty Zaki's skin. She is the U.S. version of Kicica Koliko, and she reperesents Jack 'n' Jill Dainamites! Chocolate.


  • She is a very complinated, shy, but organized girl.
  • She is a little bossy, but talented racer, and she's known for her drawing talents at Asukal Rush. 
  • She has a little brother that is named Tyrone Swamitran.
  • She is Pamellope's First Mate! (The very very very best friend of Pamellope)
  • She is often seen with Dakoto Bubblizuko.


  • You'll never know your face, unless you look at that piece of sugar glass!
  • Sweet Brother Of Cold Blizzards!!!!
  • No Pamellope, not Tiffy at all. Tiffany, Mrs. President.
  • I don't feel like, you know, comfortable. *when Dakoto asked her out*

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