Coffe candlehead

Tiramello Misue is more than a new racer in Sugar Rush. She's the fatest and the sweetest. Her candy themes are Mocaccinos and the candy Tiramisu. Her kart signature is the Fastearamisu.


She isn't very innocent as everyone thinks. She is a great singer and a great actress. Her dad works in the news of the world of Sugar Rush, and her mom works in the fanciest restaurant of Sugar Rush.

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Tiramello and her boyfriend Hulk

Her hobbies are make potions and work with chemistry. She's dating a character out of the game of Sugar Rush. Her boyfriend is Hulk,from the game "Hulk the Smasher!".


  • Speed: 60%
  • Sweetness: 70%
  • Handling: 30%
  • Special Power: Coffee Rush


  • When she is sad, she likes to put her head in the taffy lake. Because she thinks that the taffy smell makes her more happier.
  • She has another name, but not a nickname. It is "Amuloca Pretoffe".
  • She speaks English, but her original language is Spanish. Actually this name is her Spanish name.
  • She is Jeller's mother.


Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning
Russian Шоколатий Тирамичкка From "Шоколад" (chocolate) and "Тирамису" (tiramisu)

ティラメロ ミスー

Tiramero misū

From English name 
Finnish Käahviina Karamelli

From "kahvi" (coffee) and "karamellin" (caramel)

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