Toffeefi or just "Toffy", is a happy, energetic and a perfectionist racer. Almost everyone confuse your winter flap hat with your hair. She is also, Galarettak's girlfriend. Her candy themes are caramels, neapolitan ice cream and the candy Toffifee and her kart signature is the Triple Flaveaur.


Toffy is a racer that loves to surf in the Whipped Creams Oceans. Surf is her life, her dream. Her wish. Her father is Galarettak's father's best friend. She and Adorabeezle are very best friends. This girl never stops to make new friendships.

She participates of the game "Forza Male" too. And she also, receives her super-powers:

  • Illusion Mode (can transform into anything)
  • Snow Powers
  • Flash Mode
  • Wind Powers


  • Speed: 70%
  • Sweetness: 90%
  • Handling: 60%
  • Special Power: Mixed Way


  • Her plush is neapolitan ice cream scented.
  • Her fans are Beijinhos (brazilian birthday dessert).


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Jäätelynna Kolmepitää From "jäätelö" (ice cream) and "kolme" (three) united with "tyypit" (types)
Brazilian Portuguese Caramella Napolitano From "caramelo" (caramel) and "napolitano" (neapolitan)
Russian Тоффина Троинивкус From "тоффи" is a transliteration of "toffee" and "тройной" (triple) united with "вкус" (flavor or taste)

トフィーフィ ネオポリタナ

Tofīfi neoporitana

From English name

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