Pinky zaki

Toffena Marmellaurie is a funny girl with a sarcastic heart. Her candies themes are marmalades and toffee wraps. The siganature of her kart is the Wracket. Her nickname is "Soft feet".


She isn't the fastest and the sweetest, but she knows how to command a car. She and Torvald are best friends. But she and Crumbelina are rivals only because she's won a race and Crumbelina "made fun" with her face, and she didn't liked.


  • Speed: 50%
  • Sweetness: 70%
  • Handling: 85%
  • Special Power: Sticky Toffee


  • Her fans are gumballs with taffy hairs.
  • Her name would be "Nerdam Sue Frestgum".
  • She's Butterrik's girlfriend.


Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning


Toffena Flodåntet From "fløde" (cream)
Finnish Karmellina Hyvervääsan From "karamelli" (caramel) and "hyytelö" (jelly)
Russian Лизанспич Камеладис From "лизание" (to lick) and "камедь" (gum)
Brazilian Portuguese Caffena Capuccino From "café" (coffe) and "capuccino" (capuchinno)
French Mariemelade Géeleaunoi From "marmelade" (marmalade) and "gelée" (jelly)
Ukrainian Джемма Карамелія From "Джем" (jelly) and "Карамель" (caramel)
Polish Kachałwa Kremzunker From "kawa" (coffee) and "krem" (cream)

Toffanne Geljamstroop

From "toffy" (toffee) and "gelei" (jelly)

トフィーナ マーメローリー

Tofīna māmerōrī

From English name
Lithuanian Kavanna Čukruzka From "kava" (coffee) and "cukrus" (sugar)
Slovak Cukroka Cželéchwky From "cukrík" (candy) and "želé" (jelly)

कँड्मिने  चॉकोलत्ति 

Kam̐ḍminē cŏkōlatti

From "कँडी" (candy) and "चॉकलेट" (chocolate)

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