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All image credits goes to Miss Little Sweets at Tumblr

Tohatanno Meijiana is the most indecisive and confusing racer in whole Japan Sugar Rush. His hobbies are read books and eat sorbet. His candy themes are the Japanese candy Tohato Strawberry Caramel Corn and the other Japanese candy Meiji Winter Horn. His kart signature is the Sandkart, but in the Japanese version of Wreck-it Ralph, his kart was called "無限カート"/Mugen kāto (The Infinite Kart).


Tohatanno is the new racer in the Japan Sugar Rush. He doesn't have too much stories and biography about him, because he is new in Sugar Rush, but more informations will come. 


  • Tohatanno is a recolor of Gloyd Orangeboar, but he's also a Japanese remodelation of Gloyd Orangeboar.
  • His fans are the Meiji candies, but in the Japanese version of the game, was changed for the antropomorphic Tohato Strawberries.


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