Biography: Busy bee

"Tootsie is always concentrating when it comes to racing. She is one of the best drivers, even though she is just a child. Tootsie always leaves a trail of candy behind her when she is racing. No wonder why she is so sweet!"

Tootsie is a fun, caring and mischevious 9 year old. Like Vanellope, she is sly when it comes to making deals. Tootsie is a bit of a person that concentrates a lot. It makes her smart. Tootsie is a bit emotional and protective about her kart and other racers. 

Occupation: Racer

Game: Sugar Rush

Talents: Racing very well and being a bit faster than the other racers

Weaknesses: Mean people and falling Mentos

Theme: Lollipops

Kart: Lolli Wonder

Lives in: N/A

Allies: Vanellope, Taffyta, Rancis and Candlehead

Crush: Rancis Fluggerbutter


Speed: 89%

Handling: 5%

Candy coating: 9%

Sweetness: 98%


  • Her first name is based on Tootsie Pops  
  • Her last name is based on Dum Dum Pop. 
  • She has  heterochromia 
  • Her left eye represents Mint 
  • Her right eye represents Chocolate
  • She has a lollipop on her hair because her theme is Lollipops
  • Her hair is curly because lollipops have a curly pattern in the middle
  • She has a purpleish-blue tongue because she's been eating too much lollipops
  • Tootsie hates being insulted by her last name
  • The pink thing on her top is icing
  • Her skirt is supposed to be a paper cake-cup. 
  • Striped-Socks drew this photo