Total Rush island

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TDSR is a combination of Total Drama Island and Sugar Rush. You guys here get to vote out the players you think did bad.

16 Sugar Rush Racers (including fanons) have decided to compete in these awesome challenges. They will compete against each other then have to face the judgement of all you guys.

The racer who stays the longest without getting voted off wins the competition.

This competition is on a 5 day basis.

12 contestants are left now.

Who will win? Who will lose? Find out right here right now on




Teams (now broken up!)

Twister von Schweetz (winner)

Flosstia Cones (reccomended character) (Eliminated)

Grennada Swinne (Eliminated)

Galleta Seaclaid (Eliminated)

Vanellope Von Schweetz (runner up)

Cakemop McCream (Eliminated)

Grenny von Chocolaty (runner up)

Twisted Whiplash (Eliminated)

Rumbellah Popperah (Eliminated Again)

Nicola Sodabubble (Eliminated)

Fiz Sodabubble (Eliminated)

Anabetty Winterfrost (Eliminated)

Marshall Mellow (Eliminated)

Apozzer Granilla (Eliminated)

Snugglez Reesecupper (Eliminated)

Annie Jaubreaker (Eliminated)

Glaze Wonderglitter (Eliminated Again)

Episode 1: Not So Happy Racers

So it all began here, at the Sugar Rush Game, located at the end of a pathway somewhere in Game Central Station.

So we already figured out our teams, so lets see what they are planning.

We gave each team a cabin made out of a cupcake.

-At The Team Cupcake Cabin-

Twister: So since we have some of the best players including Vanellope, no matter what the challenge is, we'll win.

Rumbellah: And they get to vote here. What if it's me?

Grennada: Calm down. You are one of 2 recolors here, the other being Twister. I think Twisted would most possibly show them what we're made of.

Twisted in the Confessional (which is inside a chocolate bar): Oh yeah. We'll show them. Especially Annie. *evil laugh*

-At the Team Peppermint Cabin-

Annie: That was a relief. At least Twisted is not on my team.

Glaze: Hello? We're supposed to plan this win.

Anabetty: So?

Annie in the confessional: Oh I'm gonna win. I've got a better chance then Twister AND TwistED combined! *silence* What?

So your first challenge is to get to the other side of a taffy lake by any means neccesary. First up, Team Peppermint!

  • Annie builds a bridge and makes it
  • Fiz and Nicola build a boat and they both make it
  • Anabetty tries jumping over, but doesn't make it
  • Marshall uses a marshmallow and nearly tips over, but makes it
  • Apozzer uses a used popsicle, but suddenly melts and she doesnt make it
  • Snugglez uses a Reese Cup and makes it
  • It's pretty obvious, Glaze uses a glazed donut and actually makes it.

Now, Team Cupcake's turn. You need at least 7 people to make it across successfully to win.

  • Grenny builds a cannon and got a bruise. However she still made it.

Grenny: Well that was pretty obvious.

  • Annie pushies Twisted into the lake.

Annie: Oops. Slipped.

Now the rest of you need to make it to win since Twisted fell in.

  • Rumbellah uses a chocolate donut with sprinkles. However, she nearly fell in, but still made it.
  • Galetta and Twister decide to go together. They build a boat. However, it was not so sturdy, so they fell in.

So, I skipped to the results and Team Peppermint wins 6-3 (Vanellope made it)

Vote for one of the racers on team cupcake. Voting closes June 14 2013, and Episode 2 (The Candy Cliff) will come out on the same day.

Voting is now closed.

Episode 2: The Candy Cliff

-Somewhere at the Starting Line-

So we have 6 votes. Whoever does not get the majority of the votes gets golden candy awards. If you do not get one, you are eliminated from the show. And you can never come back. Ev-er.

Twister, Vanellope, Rumbellah and Galleta each got 0 votes.

Twister, Vanellope, Rumbellah and Galleta: Yes!

The remaining four got at least one vote.

Grenny and Grennada, you each got one vote.

Grenny and Grennada: Woohoo!!!

Twisted, Cakemop.

With a 3-1 vote...

The final candy award goes to..........................................Cakemop.

Cakemop: Phew.

Twisted: WHAT? I thought I was going to win and take over this place.

Oh shut it. You have been eliminated and you will now fall down the Hole of Shame.

Twisted: I can't believe I got voted off! Seriously! Maybe it was my villainness that got me voted off. But whatever. GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Later, on the Candy Cliff-

Glaze: Oh no. So what are we doing here?

You have 10 minutes until the challenge starts.

Annie: Nicola, Fiz, Wanna form an alliance?

Nicola and Fiz: Maybe. Uhh... Yes.

Annie: Ok.

Anyways your task is to jump off this cliff into the lake.

If you land on the wider area, you get 1 point for your team.

Landing inside that smaller area gets you 3 points. Team Peppermint. Since you won the challenge last time. you guys go first.


Annie: Wow... So, who'll do this first? *silence* What? *another silence* Ok then. Just gonna do some insane cliff dive into a circle.

  • Annie gets a 3.
  • Nicola and Fiz go together, and get 1 and 3 points perspectively.
  • Annabetty gets a 3
  • Appozer gets a 1
  • Marshall gets a 3
  • Snugglez gets a 1
  • Glaze gets a 1

So... 13 points total.

Team Peppermint: YES!

Rumbellah: Guys, we need 5 threes to catch up.

Grennada. There is no way we are losing to those guys.

Ok Team Cupcake. Ready... Set...


  • Grennada gets a 3
  • Twister gets a 3
  • Grenny gets a 1
  • Galleta gets a 1
  • Vanellope gets a 3
  • Cakemop gets a 1

Vanellope: C'mon Rumbellah! We need this 3 for the win!!

  • Everyone on Team Cupcake except Rumbellah covers their eyes
  • Rumbellah gets a 3.

Team Cupcake: YEAH!!!!

Annie: Wow, Rumbellah, congratulations on your win.

Rumbellah: Yeah, but, you'll never come back. Ever.

Annie: I'll be cheering for you back home. If I ever get there.

So... Vote off one of the members on Team Peppermint by July 19th 2012, and Episode 3 (Dodge-Candy) will come out on the same day.

Voting is now closed.

Episode 3: Dodge-Candy

-Back at the Starting Line-

Well, sadly we only got 5 votes, which was less than last time.

I want to cry now... I really do.

So anyways, Annie's whole alliance got 0 votes, including Annie herself.

Annie, Nicola and Fiz: Yes! *hi five*

Snugglez also got 0 votes.

Snuggles: Aw ya!

The rest of you got at least one vote.

Appozer and Annabetty got 1 vote each.

Appozer and Annabetty: Wicked!

Marshall, Glaze,

With a 2-1 vote, The final candy award goes to...














Glaze: Well that was dramatic.

Marshall: :O Fine I'll get out of this place... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

-Then, at a Dodgeball Court i built-

So your challenge is the classic game of dodgeball. Rule 1-

Vanellope: Do not talk about Dodgeball?

Like i was going to say, if you get hit with a ball...

  • I throw out Nicola

Nicola: Not that painful, but maybe I can actually play this game.'re out.

Rule 2, if you catch a ball in the air, the thrower is out and the catcher gets to bring in another person on the court.

Rule 3, you can use a ball to deflect other balls. However, if it knocks the ball out of your hand, youre out.

Rule 4 Best 2 of 3 wins

Rule 5 There is no Rule 5.

Pick 5 players and bring them onto the court.


Everyone has picked their 5 players. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grennada throws a ball at Annie

Annie: Piece of cake

  • Annie deflects the ball, but a little to hard, and both balls hit Galleta and Rumbellah

(Cupcake: 3, Peppermint: 5)

  • Everyone on Team Peppermint throws out everyone else left on the court (Team Cupcake)

And that is one point for team peppermint!

Team Peppermint: OH YEAH!

Round 2 begin

Annie: You better be ready cuz here i come!

  • Annie throws out Rumbellah
  • The rest of her alliance throws out Vanellope and Twister

2-5 players left on each team.

  • Rumbellah throws out Nicola and Fiz
  • Galetta throws out Glaze

2-2 now.

  • Snugglez throws out Galleta
  • Rumbellah throws out Snugglez

Appozer: Well it's all up to me.

  • Rumbellah ALMOST throws Appozer out
  • Appozer throws Rumbellah out

We have a winner already: Ok, the winner is TEAM PEPPERMINT!

Team Peppermint: Oh ya!!

Vote off one of the members on Team Cupcake by July 24th, and Episode 4 will come out on the same day.

Episode 4: The Obstacle Course of Doom

-Back at the Starting Line-

We have 6 votes and lucky enough, Twister, Galleta, Grennada and Vanellope each got 0 votes.

The last 3 got at least one vote.

Grenny has one vote, again.

Grenny: EEEEE!

Rumbellah, Cakemop, with a 2-3 vote

The final candy award goes to...





















Rumbellah: Well I kind of expected this. I was your only hope but, i BLEW it.

Your next challenge is an obstacle course. It has 5 levels.

Vanellope: So what?

So the first team that brings all of their members past the 5th level wins.

Ready, Set, Go!!!!!

Annie: I'm not so good at this. So I'm probably next.

Vanellope: This is easy.

Twister: That's easy for you to say. You have glitch powers.

  • Glaze falls on one of the electrical jumps on Level 4

Worth an instant replay!

Forward, rewind, forward, rewind, forward, (giggles) Rewind!! And pause!

That's gonna leave a mark.

Glaze: Ok, back up and well yeah, keep jumping. Oh yes I'm at level 5!

Annie: I cant say any longer that I can get this far! I'm in the middle of level 4!

  • Vanellope glitches past the line

And Vanellope is the first one!

Twister 2nd...

Glaze: Finally, I'm, Here...

Did you hate that electric injury?

Glaze: I sure did.

Nicola and Fiz: Here, we'll give you a push.

  • Nicola and Fiz push Glaze across the finish, making her third, Fiz 4th and Nicola 5th.

Annie: I'm here!

Nicola and Fiz: YAY!

Annie 6th. 4/7 Peppermint, 2/6 Cupcake.

  • Cakemop, Grenny, Galleta and Grennada cross the line.
  • The four members on team peppermint make suprised faces

Annie: Yup. I'm definetly going.

Nicola and Fiz in the confessional: (Nicola) That'll destroy her own alliance. (Fiz) She's nice, awesome, and she really does want to bring us in the final 3! (Nicola) Now that Twisted Whiplash is taken down, we're safe, for now.

Vote off one of the members on Team Peppermint by July 29th. And you-know-what will come out you-know-when.

Episode 5 Notification

The next episode has been uploaded late for the following reasons:

  • The creator did not have enough time.
  • We needed more voters.

TDSR will be back on schedule from this day forward.

Episode 5: The Sled Contest

-At Team Peppermint's Cabin-

Annie: I'm kind of nervous about the elimination.

Nicola: It might be ok.

Annie: About the alliance.

  • 5 second silence.

Nicola and Fiz: Oh!

Ok everyone, it's time for the elimination.

Glaze: Already?

Yes, already.

-At The Starting Line-

This was the most unexpected GCAC yet. We only got 3 votes.

So if your name is not Nicola, Fiz, or Glaze...

you each get an award.

Fiz: So all three of us have to go?


Glaze, Nicola and Fiz: Phew.

This will be settled with a tiebreaker challenge.

Whoever does the electrical jumps last is eliminated. GO!

Nicola: This is easy!

Fiz: That's easy for you to say. You're not Glaze.

Wow. Glaze fell again... and again... ok stop. Worth an instant replay.

Forward, re- Wait a second, we went through that in Episode 4!

  • Nicola crosses the line

Nicola: Cmon fiz!

  • Fiz crosses the line!

Nicola: Yes! Our alliance stays for another day!

Glaze: -sigh- Who am I kidding? I deserve this.

Snugglez: What do you mean, Glaze? I thought you were pretty cool.

Oh and BTW, we thought the Hole of Shame was too boring. So I decided to make a BFDI reference and make a TLC.

Glaze: The TLC?

The Tiny Loser Chamber.

Everyone: Oh!

This is none of your business, but the creator also made a BFDI Reccomended Character.

Annie: Cool! Must be Surfboard!

So anyways, Glaze has been flinged to the TLC. Now let's get onto the contest.

We came out a day late, so the creator had some extra time to think. The best he/she came up with was a chocolate sled race. Oh and this doesn't have to do with anything, but I auto tuned Grenny's voice just for fun.

Grenny: Serious- Oh wait, this is pretty cool!

Each of you must sled down this chocolate mountain. First one down wins for their team, and that person gets a win token.

Fiz: A win token?

A token that takes away half your votes when you use it.

Everyone: Oh!


Snugglez: Aw man. Boulder Incoming!!!

  • Snugglez Crashes

Grenny: Well, atleast i have these Boost Replicators from last episode.

Fiz: What boost replicators?

Grenny: Vanellope gave them to me in Episode 4's hidden scene.

  • Grenny attaches the boost replicators onto the sled, and she crosses the finish line

Grenny: Yay! Where is my win token?

Here, Grenny.

And once again, Team Peppermint is up for elimination. But this time the contestants vote.

Viewers, yes, you.

I know it's quite early, but you vote for an eliminated contestant to rejoin the game. Person with the most votes wins! Vote by August 3, 2013. Episode 6 will come out on the same day.

Episode 6: The Untitled Episode

Annie in the Confessional: -sigh- This is insane. 2 times in a row. If this happens again, I'm the one out of here.

-Back at the starting line-

Ok guys. You are late again because we didnt get any votes before the deadline.

Anyways, vote now.

-1 minute and 17 seconds later-

You have all cast in your votes and made your decisions. I have the results right here.

The following are safe.

Team Cupcake, you won the last challenge, You all get golden candies.

Also safe is Nicola and Fiz.

So is Annie. Appozer got one vote...

Unexpectedly, Snugglez and Annabetty are the final 2.

Annabetty. You finished last in a hidden scene.

Snugglez, You got hit by a boulder.

With a 5-1 vote...

The final candy award goes to Snugglez. AB, you have been eliminated.

Annabetty: -slap- Don't call me- -gets flinged to the TLC-

Annie: So what's the challenge?

We'll get to that later. But first an eliminated contestant will rejoin the game.

So, we got 3 votes again. Twisted.

Twisted: What? Did i win?

I'm sorry I have to say this, but you didnt recieve any votes, and you don't rejoin.

Glaze, Rumbellah, and Marshall. One of you will rejoin the game.

You all got the same amount of votes. In the event of a tie, I will decide who rejoins.

The 2nd loser is...


-flings Marshall to TLC-

So my vote went to...............


Rumbellah which team do you want to join?

Rumbellah: I'll be on my old team.

So, the next contest is to escape Diet Cola Mountain before it erupts. First person out of the mountain wins immunity for their team. GO!

BTW, the mountain erupts if you don't get out in 7 minutes or less. If none of you are out before it erupts, ALL OF YOU ARE UP FOR ELIMINATION!

Nicola: Did you hear what he said?

Rumbellah: Yeah. We dont all want to be eliminated dont we?

Everyone: NO!

Rumbellah: I'd never think I'd have to say this, but we ALL have to work together.

Snugglez: Rumbellah, we merge when we have 8 players.

Annie: I have a sponge! We can use it to get out of here! -silence- Whoops.

Grennada: We blew away 2 minutes!

Rumbellah: I have a plan. Raise your hand if you want the immunity for your team.

-everyone raises hand-

Hm... I'll pick Snugglez because I feel sorry that he got hit by a boulder in Episode 5.

Grennada in the Confessional: Of course she's showing respect. I know her plan. She just wants to be nice and not get voted off the show. Trust me, it's gonna be payback time when I see her get flinged to the TLC again.

Rumbellah: Annie, Nicola and Fiz, you build a bridge so Snugglez can get to the ladder that Grennada, Grenny, Twister and Vanellope will build. The rest of you. If Snugglez is in deep trouble, help him as quick as possible. We only have 3 minutes until we are all up for elimination.

-2 minutes and 10 seconds later-

Rumbellah: Snugglez is almost out of the mountain! 

-Snugglez is out of the mountain-

Grats, Snugglez, you won your team immunity. Btw, you get a reward. You get to choose someone from the other team to have immunity.

Snugglez: I pick Rumbellah, because she's sorry about me getting hit by a boulder.

Rumbellah in the confessional: Yes! My plan's working perfectly. I have immunity and NO-ONE can stop me.

Everyone on Team Cupcake except Rumbellah are up for elimination. Vote by August 9, Episode 7 will come out on, well, you know.

But from now on, NO COMMENT VOTING! Instead go to the Polls Page and vote there.

Episode 7: Marshall on Mars

-Again, at the starting line-

Rumbellah: Why does the host look so happy?

Because we got SEVEN VOTES!

Grenny: That's very few. Why are you so happy that only 7 people voted?

Because it's an ALL-TIME RECORD.

Everyone: AWESOME!

So, we will have a different prize instead of Golden Candy Awards.

We have CAKE!

Everyone: YAY!

Chocolate flavor!

Everyone: YAY

With sprinkles!

Everyone: YAY!

SHUT UP! We have to get to the-

Glaze: What is it?

You guys escaped?

Glaze: Yeah. A huge bowling ball made a hole in the TLC.

Annabetty: Wait... Where's Marshall?

Schmart E. Pantz: Use this telescope.

Where did he come from?

Twisted: Awesome! He landed all the way on Mars!

Annie: Yikes!

Annabetty: Will he die?

Maybe in an hour, so let's quickly get this done!

Rumbellah, you also had immunity. You're safe.

Grenny, Vanellope, and Grennada, you each got 0 votes. Congrats.

You 3 are left. Cakemop. Some people vote you for absolutely no reason.

Cakemop: Why do I get votes EVERY TIME?

Galleta, You are Taffyta's recolor.

Galleta: What is wrong with that?

And Twister, people ALSO voted for you for absolutely no reason.

Twister: So NOW you're treating me like Cakemop? I'm going to win for my sister.

Cakemop, you're safe. (1 vote)

Cakemop: Yes!

Twister. Galleta. We have a tie. In the event of a tie this time...

we go in alphabetical order.

Twister, you're safe.

Galleta, see you. -Galleta gets flinged to the TLC-

Now what do we do? We just burnt off 15 minutes.

Schmart: How about you make the challenge to save Marshall?

Schmart, you're a genius.

So today's challenge is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

You have to build a rocket, fly to mars, and rescue Marshall. But hurry, because you only have 45 minutes. Go.

Rumbellah: So, we need 3 volunteers.

Vanellope: I'll do it. As a good friend, I'll help any time!

Twister: It's totally different without my sister. I'm going too.

Rumbellah: I'll go too.

Snugglez: Okay guys, so Annie was the first contestant to react to Marshall's landing on Mars. She can go.

Annie: Nicola, Fiz, let's do it!

-30 minutes left!-

Annie: Finally, we reached Mars.

Nicola: Where is he?

Rumbellah: Here we are.

Annie: I see him.

Fiz: Wow, the gravity is SO weird here.

Nicola: Let's not mind that! We've got a life to save!

Annie: I have a plan. First. we hide behind this crater when Team Cupcake isn't looking. Then we snatch Marshall as quick as possible and send him back to earth.

Fiz: Seems logical...

Nicola: Ok hide.

-5 minutes later-

Fiz: We only have 15 minutes! Btw they are not looking!

Annie: Ok, let's do it.

-Fiz snatches Marshall and they returned home, while the host appears right in front of Team Cupcake's volunteers-

Wanna see a magic trick?

Rumbellah: Ok?

Poof. There.

Team Peppermint won again. And Team Cupcake is up for elimination. Vote by August 14th. Remember. Voting is now on the Polls Page. Click on this link to go to the Polls Page. Vote there.

Episode 8: The Elimination Pursuit

-At the starting line-

It's time for the elimination. We got 13 votes in total, another record high.

Rumbellah: That's good to know.

Cake was too expensive, so i got cupcakes instead.

I'll give you cake if you're safe.

Team Peppermint.

TP: Wha?

You won immunity, so you are all safe.


Oh, i forgot, it's explosive, so be gentle.


Cakemop: Again?

Is safe at zero votes.

Cakemop: Finally...

Same with Vanellope -Splat-

And Grenny -Splat-

I can tell you that the remaining three of you did not get the same amount of votes.

Grennada. I'm sorry to say,

Grennada: Oh come on!

You are safe at one vote. And I'm not sad at all.

It's narrowed down to Twister and Rumbellah.

Rumbellah. I'm sorry, but you got 10 votes. The most EVER. That's enough to eliminate you again.

Rumbellah: What! You can't eliminate me! I'm the star of the show!

-flashblack to Episode 4-

Rumbellah. Cakemop.

With a 2-3 vote,

The final candy award goes to Cakemop.

-end of flashback-

Rumbellah: Well I'm not going away! I'm outta here. And not to the TLC! -runs off-

Ok guys. Teams will be broken up for this challenge.

Annie: Still in an alliance?

Nicola: True.

Fiz: True.

You must catch Rumbellah and put her in the TLC ASAP. The first people to put her in the TLC win immunity for their team.

Annie: Well, here goes nothing.

Twister: I think we're that close.

Vanellope: We'll win immunity for sure.

Fiz: So, why are we here?

Nicola: I always see Rumbellah here.

Annie: You know, I think you'd be a good alliance leader, Nicola.

Fiz: Even though you're the youngest one.

Twister: So Vanellope, here's our plan. I will get in an Orea costume and annoy her as much as possible. While she is discracted, you grab her then put her into the TLC.

Vanellope: Sounds good!

-Inanimate Insanity Reference Coming


Vanellope: That. Doesnt. Make. Sense.

Fiz: I thought she was hiding right here.

Nicola:  We have to keep looking.

Too late, because Vanellope already put her into the TLC!

Annie: -Gasp!-

-Another II reference-

Annie: -grabs Rumbellah-

Rumbellah: Get off me, you pink-haired weirdo!

Annie: I will not be threatened by an eliminated pallete swap!

-Vanellope and Annie seem to be in a huge fight for Rumbellah-

Rumbellah: This kinda sucks. You know what, Vanellope, no problem. -locks self in TLC-

I guess Team Cupcake wins.

Episode 9: I've Waited All Month For This

-1:29 am-


Annie: You usually do those elimination things at 9:30 pm. Won't it work for you to get some rest?


So let's start the elimination.

Everyone's here. All tired.

I'll give you cake if you're safe.

Team Cupcake had immunity. They are all safe.

Safe with 0 votes are Annie, Snugglez, and Nicola.

We got 11 votes.

With a 7-4 vote, the person eliminated is.......


-Everyone Gasps-

Annie: Why her! She's done nothing wrong.

Whatever. -flinges Fiz to TLZ-

The ninth contest is a kart race

Snugglez: I've been waiting all month for this!

So everyone get in your karts.

-everyone gets in their karts-

Okay then. Get set, on your marks, go.

-Appozer spins out Nicola-


Annie: What did you do? She's on our team!

Appozer: Like I care.

-Annie gets a sweet seeker and fires it at Appozer-

Annie: Revenge sure is sweet.

-Since we don't know what to do now, I want to remind you that Grennada just passed the finish line-

-Okay now I really don't know. Anyways, leaderboard please?

1: Grennada

2: Annie

3: Vanellope

and so on...

So Grennada won for her team, but that means Team Peppermint is up for elimination YET AGAIN.

Episode 10: Points Time

Okay guys. Time for the elimination.

Annie: Okay?

So I forgot to get the prizes, but the best i could do was candy leaves.

Nicola: Wow, real class.

We got 5 votes. That's a lot less than last time.

Annie and Snugglez got 0 votes.


Snugglez: These are so hard. They're like metal.

Leaves were too expensive

Annie: Wait, how was that-

With a 2-3 vote, the person eliminated is..................


-everyone gasps again-

Annie: WHAT?! Why do people vote off my friends?

I think Nicola and Fiz are afraid of the dark.

-flings Nicola to TLC-

So anyway, you are the final 8.

The official halfway mark. We are breaking up the teams now.

The next contest is to make a cake. You can make any cake you want. But there are no recipes to follow. That is what makes a challenge a challenge. Begin.

Annie, what are you making?

Annie: I'm making a friendship cake.

-Appozer crushes Grenny's cake-

Appozer: Haha!

Grenny: What the heck was that about?

Appozer: Just trying to impress Strawbetty and win the challenge.

Appozer, for cheating, you are out of the challenge.


Anyway, keep baking. You have 30 minutes left.

Snugglez: Check it out! I made a raspberry cake.

-29 minutes later-

Boop. Time's up.

-host tastes all the cakes-

So anyway, Snugglez wins the win token with his epic raspberry cake.

2nd: Annie

3rd: Twister

4th: Grenny

5th: Vanellope

6th: Cakemop

7th: Grennada

8th: Appozer

Annie: Good job, buddy.

Snugglez: And why are we standing on gray squares?

Well, I'm giving you all 15 bonus points.

Grennada: But this game doesn't even have points!

Well, now it does.

-The gray squares raise and turn into rectangular prism, that all have the number 15 on top-

Your scores carry through future episodes. Oh and no more win tokens.

Grenny: What happens to the win tokens we already have?

They'll be traded in for 5 points each.

Also, in any vote you got in any of the previous episodes, that's minus one point.

Also, points carry over how well you did in the last contest.

So these are your current scores.

1st Snugglez: 35

2nd Grennada: 29

3rd Vanellope: 26

4th Annie: 24

5th Twister: 20

6th Grenny: 18

7th Cakemop: 16

8th Appozer: 10

Grenny, Cakemop, and Appozer. You are the bottom 3. So the voting will only be between the 3 of you. But what's this? An eliminated contestant is going to rejoin the game. You can vote for Twisted,

Twisted: You BETTER vote for me, or I'll CRUSH YOU!


Marshall: I'd be happy if you vote for me.


Rumbellah: Come on guys, I really deserve a third chance.


Glaze: I may have failed the electric jumps in episode 4, but that doesn't mean I'm done for. Vote for me, and you'll get a cookie.


Annabetty: -slap- Don't call me AB!


Galleta: Please get me out of this stupid box.


Fiz: I'm in the mood to get out.

And Nicola.

Nicola: Vote for me, and I'll make improvements to the show of Total Drama Sugar Rush!

Vote in the poll below.

Episode 11: A Reccomended Character?

Appozer: I just know I'm not gonna get eliminated!

Well let's see if you're right at the elimination.

-At the Starting Line-

Grenny: So how many votes did we get?

It's a contestants vote, because there was no elimination voting last time. There are three thirds of a circle in from of you. Put your finger on the third that has the picture of the contestant you uh... wanna vote for.

Grenny: This is payback for smashing my cake! -presses Appozer's button-

Annie: Appozer has to go. -presses Appozer's button-

-1 hour and 409 seconds of doing nothing and pathetic voting later-

So with 0 votes, Cakemop is safe.

Cakemop: Yes!

With 2-6 votes. The person eliminated IS...


Appozer: WHAT! I was a wonderful contestant!

Snugglez: That's not true. You were mean to everyone here.

Appozer: Does that mean I'm eliminated?

To make a long story short, yes. -flings Appozer to TLC-

Appozer: Not here!

We're not done yet.

Annie: What's the scoop?

An eliminated contestant is going to rejoin the game.

Grennada: Oh yeah! Oh no...

-Ten Minutes Later-

All 8 eliminated contestants have been gathered here.

So let's first say who has zero votes. Nicola, Fiz, and AB. -flings them all to the TLC-

We got 10 votes.

So none of the remaining 4 of you got the same number of votes.

Twisted: Just get on with it!

At one vote is...

Rumbellah. -flings her to the TLC yet again-

Twisted: I'm in the top three! That doesn't happen alot!

No, It doesn't. You only got 2 votes. You don't rejoin.

Twisted: You can't be ser-- -gets flinged to TLC-

Glaze and Marshall. With a 3-4 vote, the person rejoining IS...


Marshall: Well at least I got some votes! -gets flinged to TLC-

Welcome back, Glaze. Your score is 20.

And as a reward for rejoining, you get an immunity pass.

An immunity pass takes away ALL of your votes. But you can only use it ONE TIME.

Twister: Not fair! They do worse than us than getting eliminated and still they get mroe than we got in the beginning?

Wait, how did Twister come back? She died in TGBS Chapter 20!

Vanellope: I built this Doorway of Life! It's the perfect recovery center I built last night.

So you could possibly die in this next challenge.

Annie: Oh no...

You must get across this tightrope to the other side of the Candy Cliff. If you fall and drown in the taffy lake, you have to start all over again!

Twister: But where's the Doorway of Life?

It's right behind you.

Twister: Oh yeah.

You will get points based off of what order you cross in.


-Vanellope and Twister use their glitching skills to get across the tightrope-

1st: Vanellope

2nd: Twister

Cakemop: Okay, jsust have to keep my eye on the-

-Grenny throws Cakemop to the other side-

Cakemop: Wow, thanks!

3rd: Cakemop

Grenny: Here we go! -makes it-

4th: Grenny

Glaze: Very careful, and- Woah!!! -almost falls off-

Annie: I'll save you Glaze!

Glaze: Thanks.

5th: Glaze

6th: Annie

Grennada: Oh no! Oh no! AHH! -falls in the Taffy Lake-

-The Doorway of Life brings Grennada back-

Grennada: Hey! It actually worked! -makes it-

7th: Grennada

8th: Snugglez

So these are your current scores.

1st Snugglez: 38

2nd Vanellope: 36

3rd Grennada: 35

4th Annie: 30

5th Twister: 29

6th Glaze: 26

7th Grenny: 25

8th Cakemop: 24

Glaze, Grenny, and Cakemop have fallen into the Danger Zone. But again, the voters won't be voting.

It seems that a reccomended character will join the game.

Episode 12: The Late One-Month Special

Glaze: Oh no... I'm worried. I'm already in the danger zone!

Annie: Don't worry, I won't vote for you.

Hey guys! It's time for the elimination!

Cakemop: Already?

But first, TDSR has been around for almost 2 months!

Snugglez: That's the reason you're here? Pretty terrible reason.

In honor of this, everything will be like the first episode.

Snugglez: WHAT?! But it was horrible back-

Welcome back to Total Drama Sugar Rush! Where we last left off, Appozer was feeling confident about the elimination. Grenny was voted for absolutely no reason, and Appozer was completely mean to everyone. It ended up being Appozer with a 2-6 vote. An eliminated contestant was going to rejoin the game. That contestant was Glaze. The challenge was to get across a tightrope over the candy cliff. Glaze, Grenny and Cakemop fell into the danger zone. Let's see who will be eliminated!

Annie: Seriously? You're making EVERYTHING like the first episode!

Get used to it. You will get a golden candy award if you are safe.

Snugglez, Vanellope, Grennada, Annie and Twister weren't up for elimination. They are all safe,

There is public voting this time.

Vanellope: Glaze is gone. She is a threat.

Twister: I agree. Glaze.

Annie: Hmm... hard choice. I choose Cakemop.

Snugglez: I choose Cakemop too,

Grenny: So do I!

Annie: Good job.

Grennada and Glaze: Grenny is gone!

Cakemop: I say Grenny too.

Glaze is safe with only 2 votes.

Grenny and Cakemop. We have a tie. In order to decide this, check out this slot machine. If it lands on you, you are safe. However, if it doesn't land on you, you are eliminated. -pulls the lever-

-10 minutes later-

Cakemop: What is taking so long?

SHUT UP! I'm adding dramatic effect.




















-it lands on Grenny-

Grenny: Yay!

Cakemop: Well it was- -falls down the HOS-

Annie: Woah! Even the Hole of Shame is back!


Grennada: So what's the next-

Did i just say last episode a reccomended character was going to join the game?

Grennada: Oh.

So anyways, I've gathered all six reccomended characters. Let's do this quick. Ubeena, Skionna, Cakey and Glitchy got 0 votes.

Glitchy: I'm going to have to- -gets flinged-

So it's either Flosstia or Peppertina to join, with 4 votes. The other got 2.

That person is...







Flosstia: Yes!

As a reward, you get an immunity pass. You get immunity as well. Oh and your score is 20.

Flosstia: WHAT? Seventh place?

I'm sure you'll improve it soon.

The next contest is to jump over the taffy lake. Not only that, but you have to do some sick tricks while jumping. Every trick you do is worth 2 points. But in order to qualify, you must get across. Otherwise, you only get 3 points.

Flosstia is up first.

-Flosstia does a somersault, a barrel roll, another somersault, and cartwheels when she touches the ground-

Wow! For your first challenge, you do suprisingly well. Eight points. Three extra points for qualification. That's a total of eleven points.

Flosstia: YES! All the way up to third! Not bad!

Twister is up next.

-Since this is getting long, we will skip right to the results.-

Twister got 9 points.

Snugglez got 5.

Grennada and Vanellope didn't make it. They both get 3.

Glaze got 13. That's a lot.

Grenny got 9.

Annie got 5.

So these are your current scores.

1st Snugglez: 43

2nd Vanellope: 39

3rd Twister: 39

4th Glaze: 39

5th Grennada: 37

6th Flosstia: 36

7th Annie: 34

8th Grenny: 34

Flosstia, Annie and Grenny are in the danger zone, But since Flosstia has immunity, she is not up for elimination. So Grennada, I'm sorry, but you're up for elimination.

But, there is a new source of voting. You will vote on these three articles. They may not be out for a few seconds. In the pages you will see some polls. Press the button that says like for prize. Dislike for elimination. Here are the links:

Vote for Grennada!

Vote for Annie!

Vote for Grenny!

You can vote on all 3 if you'd like.

Episode 13: Sugar Rush Smackdown

Flosstia: Hey Hosty!


Flosstia: About last episode...

What is it?

Flosstia: Where are you sending the reccomended characters that didn't join?

They're going to LOL.

Flosstia: What's so funny?

Nothing's funny.

-scene of RCs going to the Locker Of Losers-

Grennada, Annie, and Grenny. Last episode you 3 had the lowest scores. We'll see who'll win the prize and who will be eliminated.

-At the Starting Line-

Welcome to the elimination. Our new system got us a record-high 33 votes. First of all, the 5 of you who did not fall into the bottom 3 are all safe. Here is your cake.

There are only 2 slices of cake remaining. But before we get to that, the prize winner is Grenny, with 11 likes.

Annie: Aw man...

Grenny, your prize is immunity into the final 4.

Grenny: Wow!

Grennada and Annie, with 6 and 8 likes perspectively, you don't win the prize.

Now for the dislikes.

Grenny, you didn't get any dislikes, so you are safe.

Grennada and Annie. With 6 dislikes, one of you will be eliminated. The other is safe at 3 dislikes.

I will now show the votes:

Annie |||||| 6

Grennada ||| 3

Annie: :O

Annie, you have been eliminated. -laser powered teleportation device sends her to TLC-

Snugglez: You mur-

No. That was our LPTD. It teleported Annie to the TLC.

-In the TLC-

Annie: Oh no, not here!

Nicola: At least we're all together again!

Snugglez, Grenny, Grennada, Flosstia, Vanellope, Twister, and Glaze. You are the final 7. For the unlucky 13th challenge, we will do the Sugar Rush Smackdown (wrestling)

But since we're uneven, one person will sit out at random. And that person will be Grenny! But not to worry, because you get 7 sympathy points, putting you in second.

Round 1


Glaze: But I don't like fighting!!

-Twister almost kicks Glaze out of the arena-

Glaze: That was close.

-Glaze does an awesome combo and suprisingly wins-


Flosstia: This is going to be easy.

-Flosstia throws Grennada and kicks her in mid-air, sending Grennada out of the arena-

Flosstia: I was right.


Vanellope: Here we go.

Snugglez: Bring it.

-Vanellope uses her glitching powers and nearly kicks Snugglez out of the arena-

Snugglez: Nice try. -does an epic combo and wins.

Okay. Grennada, Twister, and Vanellope. You were the quarterfinalists, so you each get 5 points.

Round 2

3 players remain, but since it's uneven, one person will move on to the finals, and that person is Flosstia! Because she beat her enemy in the shortest amount of time.


-Both try doing a combo-

Glaze: Man this is hard (Mind: If I can win, I just have to believe in myself!)

Snugglez: Let's do this. -does a combo, but Glaze somehow gained a forcefield- No fair!!!!

-Glaze does an awesome combo and kicks Snugglez out of the arena

Snugglez, third place earns you 8 points.

Final Round: Flosstia vs Glaze

Flosstia: -tries to kick Glaze, but just can't get through because of Glaze's forcefield)

Glaze: I'll show you who to mess with! -punches Flosstia out of the arena-

Flosstia, you have 2nd, so you are awarded 10 points.

Glaze, first place earns you 15 points.

So these are your current scores.

1st Glaze: 54

2nd Snugglez: 51

3rd Flosstia: 46

4th Twister: 44

5th Vanellope: 44

6th Grennada: 41

7th Grenny: 40

Vanellope, Grennada, and Grenny. You have fallen into the bottom three, so the voting will only be between the three of you. But Grenny won immunity, so Twister, I'm sorry but you are up for elimination. Vote on the articles below:

Vote for Twister!

Vote for Vanellope!

Vote for Grennada!

Episode 14: Sixth Racer's a Charm

Twister, Vanellope, and Grennada. Last episode, you 3 had the lowest scores. We will reveal who is eliminated at the elimination.

-At The Starting Line-

We got 12 votes. Not a record. And the number of likes is...

Grennada | 1

Twister |||| 4

Vanellope |||| 4

We have a draw. And the person who got all 4 likes first wins the prize. And that person is Twister!

Vanellope: Grats, Twister. You deserve it!

Your prize is... -drumroll-


Twister: What good is THIS?!

It'll help you in the next challenge. Moving on. You all got 1 dislike, so the person with the least amount of likes is eliminated. Twister, with 4 likes, you are safe.

Vanellope, Grennada, one of you will be eliminated. And that person is...


Grennada: Aw man! This is horrifyingly terrib- -gets flinged to TLC-

So with that, our final 6 is born. Glaze, Twister, Snugglez, Vanellope, Flosstia and Grenny, congrats.

Snugglez: What's the 14th contest?

A drawing contest. I will give scores of 1-10. Go.

Vanellope: What's wrong, Twister?

Twister: I don't know how this pencil works.

Vanellope: Just say what you want on you paper, and it will make it for you!

Twister: Really? -to magic pencil- I want a BFDI poster, now.

-the paper turns into a BFDI poster-

Flosstia: This?! I HATE DRAWING!

Vanellope: Seriously, calm down, reccomended-character-who-joined-two-episodes-ago. I have a strategy.

Glaze: I'm done! It's me holding me holding me hol-

6 points.

Twister: I'm done too!

9 points.

Vanellope: It's a picture of Twister with her Snivy!

7 points.

Vanellope: Lucky me!

Snugglez: I drew Cheesy from Inanimate Insanity!

3 points.

Snugglez: Aw, what?!

I'm not a big Cheesy fan.

Grenny: And here's a drawing of me on the sled in Episode 5!

8 points.

Flosstia: And finally, mine!

It's blank.

Flosstia: Just use your imagination.

-thinks of it as the best Disney Infinity base ever-

On a scale of 1 to 10... 15!!!

So these are your current scores:

1st Flosstia: 61

2nd Glaze: 60

3rd Snugglez: 54

4th: Twister: 53

5th: Vanellope: 51

6th Grenny: 48 (Immune)

Twister, Vanellope, and Grenny have fallen into the danger zone. But because Grenny has immunity, Snugglez is up for elimination for the first time in a while.

Vote on the articles below. Vote on all 3 if you'd like:

Vote for Snugglez!

Vote for Twister!

Vote for Vanellope!

Episode 15: Coming Up With Names is Hard

-At the Starting Line-

So here we are, where one of you leaves the competition every 4 days...

Snugglez, Twister, and Vanellope fell into the danger zone. Total of 12 votes. A little bit more than last time.

The prize winner is Snugglez with 4 likes! Twister had 4 likes too, but I want to make it fair since you won it last time...

Twister: That's so nice of you!

Snugglez: So, what's my prize?


Snugglez: Seriously?

It'll help you!

Anyway, onto the dislikes. Here is the chart thingy:

V | 1

T 0

S 0

WOAH! With only one dislike, Vanellope is eliminated.

Vanellope: Aw!!! -gets flinged to TLC-

-flings TLC to LOL-

Glaze: That trick? Really?

Uh, yeah.

The next challenge is to find as many pieces of diamond underground. You have an hour to do it. BEGIN!

Glaze: -digs like crazy- Whee!

Snugglez: Found one!

Flosstia: I found 2!

Grenny: Great job!

Snugglez: Flosstia, I was thinking...

Flosstia: What?

Snugglez: We should form a secret alliance!

Flosstia: Why?

Snugglez: Just to make sure we kick each other's butts in the finale.

Flosstia: Good then!

50 minutes remain!

Flosstia has a total of 5.

Twister at 6.

Grenny at 7.

Snugglez at 8.

Glaze at 9.

Grenny and Glaze tied for the lead at 10.

Flosstia: Snugglez, you're doing great. Keep it up!

Time's half up.

Glaze at 11.

Snugglez at 12.

Twister at 13.

Snugglez at 14.

Grenny at 15.

Flosstia now in the lead with 17.

Grenny: I think I'm doing quite great!

10 minutes left.

Glaze: Yes! I'm at 24!

Flosstia: Nowhere near me, I'm at 27.

5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Boop. Times up.

Flosstia: 29

Snugglez: 28

Glaze: 27

Grenny: 25

Twister: 22

So these are your current scores:

1st Flosstia: 71

2nd Glaze: 68

3rd Snugglez: 63

4th Twister: 59

5th Grenny : 55 (Immune)

Since Grenny is immune, Glaze, Snugglez, and Twister are up for elimination. Vote in the articles below. Vote on all 3 if you'd like:

Vote for Snugglez!

Vote for Twister!

Vote for Glaze!

Episode 16: Yo Ho Ho and a Racer's Life to Be

Welcome to the elimination area! I redesigned it! Cool huh?

Everyone: Yeah!

Alright. Grenny and Flosstia did not fall into the danger zone. They are safe, and will get today's prize.

Twister, you won the prize again. And your prize is...

Twister: Actually, I give my prize to Glaze.

Glaze: Thanks!

Your prize is to have a dislike removed!

Glaze: Awesome!

Anyway, back to the prize. We have speaky boxes! Flosstia, Grenny, here are your boxes.

With that, we will now show the dislikes

Glaze has 2 (now 1), Snugglez has 1, Twister has 0.

Thanks to her prize, Glaze will compete in a tiebreaker with Snugglez! The tiebreaker is the electrical jumps!

Glaze: DARN IT!


Snugglez: Beating you to it! -jump-

Glaze: I don't know what to do! -tries to jump- I think i've got the hang of it!

Snugglez: I'm still ahead! -keeps on jumping-

Glaze: Concentrate, Glaze, concentrate... -Gains Forcefield- YES!

Snugglez: Hey that's-

-Glaze crosses the line-

Snugglez: Cheating...

Snugglez, you've been eliminated -flings him to TLC-

Final four! That means we will not do points anymore.

Glaze: Aww! Points were fun...

Your next challenge will be a pirate challenge. Everyone grab a sword.

Twister: This is cool! Mine is red!

Grenny: Mine is green, with chocolate bars on it!

Okay, you must battle on this pirate ship.

Flosstia: How did we get-

The last one on the ship wins immunity. GO!

Flosstia: This is easy! -almost knocks Glaze off-

Glaze: Ack! -grabs the cannon- That was close.

Flosstia: Grr! You're the reason Snugglez is gone! You are his enemy and I will win this for him!

Twister: Hey Grenny!

Grenny: What is it?

Twister: Flosstia's not looking!

Grenny: So?

Twister: So, we can push her off! - pushes Flosstia off-

Flosstia: AAAH! -falls into taffy sea-

Glaze: That's for calling me an enemy.

Twister: Okay! -helps Glaze up-

-1 hour later-

An hour has passed, and still, 3 players remain. Which brings us to a permanent question...


Twister: You know what? Let's just do a little 3 way battle. This may be tough, so... -turns into Gloster-

Glaze and Grenny: Who are you?

Gloster: I'm Gloster, Twister's other form. DUH!

Glaze: Oh, okay. -knocks Gloster off-

Grenny: You're going down! -knocks Grenny off the platform-

Okay, so Grenny has immunity. But what's this? An eliminated contestant will rejoin the game for the last time in TDSR. Vote for either Twisted,

Twister: You better vote for me, or, or I'll STRETCH YOU!


Marshall: I'd be happy if you vote for me.


Rumbellah: Come on guys, I really deserve a third change.


Annabetty: Vote for me, please!




Fiz: Give me another chance! PLEEAA-


Nicola: Vote for me, and I will make improvements to the show of TDSR!






Annie: Vote for me, and you vote for yourself!


Grennada: There isn't a reason I should be in here.



And Snugglez,

Snugglez: I'm nice, funny, I am not in here! Well, at least I have my imaginary ball!

Episode 17: Save Me

-In the TLC-

Annie: Why do I feel that my hopes of winning are destroyed?!

Vanellope: I do feel it's just not fair.

Snugglez: Yeah! I've been in here for like, over a week! And no challenges are ahead!

Marshall: Does that mean TDSR has been cancelled?

NO WAY! It was just a delay. Hey, that rhymes!

Annie: I know, but where are Nicola and Fiz?!


Nicola: -wakes up- Fiz!!! Wake up!!! Wake UP!!!!!

Fiz: Huh?! What? How did we get here!

Nicola: We're buried alive somehow!

Fiz: Impossible! Where is the panic button? WHERE IS THE PANIC BUTTON?!

Anyways, all eliminated contestants report to the rejoining/elimination area!

So, all viewers have cast their ballots and in the end we got a total of 14 votes.

Twisted: Let me guess. I got all 14.

As I was saying, Galleta, Snugglez, and Appozer all got 0 votes.

Appozer: YOU VIEWERS ARE SO DUMB! -gets flinged to TLC-

So did Annie, Fiz, Marshall, Annabetty, and Rumbellah. The remaining 5 of you all got at least one vote to join. Twisted got only 1 vote.

Twisted: I'LL DESTROY THIS PLACE! -gets flinged to TLC-

Hold on, where is Nicola?! Oh well. With 2 votes, Sodabubble Sister #2 doesn't join.


Anyway, Cakemop, Vanellope, and Grennada, you are the final 3. And the person rejoining is....


Vanellope: YES!

Twister in the Confessional: Being a fan favorite really pays off. And we're back together. Ahh. good times...


Vanellope: Did you see something?

Glaze: I didn't. (Confessional) All I saw was a shadow that looked like someone names Jawson Braker. There was also another that looks like Heather Gumbears... Whatever.

Grenny: I noticed something too!

-Twister's phone rings-

I never knew Twister had a phone.

Twister: Hello? Say what now? You captured Nicola, Fiz, Cakemop, Annabetty, Appozer, Marshall, and Rumbellah? You sound familiar. SAY WHAT?

What is it?

Twister: The Sour Patches captured Nicola, Fiz, Cakemop, Annabetty, Appozer, Marshall, and Rumbellah! Then they let Twisted out of the TLC.

This can't be good! Okay, your challenge then is to save the eliminated contestants, then put Twisted back into the TLC. GO!

Twister: Hey Glaze, Flosstia, let's form an awesome alliance. Together we'll all make it to the final 3.

Flosstia: Yeah! Awesome! (Confessional) Great to be in an alliance despite my old one with Snugglez was broken up last episode.

Glaze: Yay! We're going to the final 3! EEEEEEEE!

Twister: We should go this wa- -platform dissapears- AAAAAAAAAH! Oof!

Glaze: (Confessional) Great. We have competition. Just me and Flosstia.

Twister: Hello? Is anybody there? Now I'm all alone...

Flosstia: I have an idea. Let's ask some other citizens to help Twister!

Glaze: Sounds cool!

Flosstia: Hey Banasilla!

Banasilla Coffeelitra: What?

Flosstia: Mind helping our friend out?

Banasilla: Okay.

Glaze: Courtney!!

Courtney Vin Taffy: Yes?

Glaze: Mind helping our friend out?

Courtney: Sure!

Vanellope: Nice plan, Flosstia! I'd do anything for my sister.


Twister: Annie? What are you doing here?

Annie: Someone captured me when I was asleep. I got in here somehow.

Appozer: Weird. Besides, it stinks in here.

Strawbetty Muttonfudge: Yeah, Appozer told me the TLC is a better place.

Lexi Granilla: I know right?

Twister: You two are here? But- but how?

Strawbetty and Lexi: Same thing Annie said.

-Back on land-

Glaze: Alright, I don't think we can reach down too far, but, attempt one. TWISTER! OVER HERE!

Twister: Sure thing. Everyone grab on!

Glaze: Keep pulling! -strains-

Flosstia: Finally!

Vanellope: Great job! Now all we have to do is put Twisted back into the TLC!

Courtney: Hmm... I think my radar sees him in the Candy Cane Forest. Let's go.

-at the Candy Cane Forest-

Vanellope: I don't see him. Maybe he's on top of one of the trees. Everyone climb one.

Twister: -climbs- No sign.

Courtney: I have an idea! -goes through the track, gets a power up, and returns-

Annie: How do you do it that fast?

Courtney: It was made to go that fast, BFF.

Annie: Cool!

Courtney: Now all we have to do is find him and use the Sweet Seekers!

Lexi: Found him! He's at the top of this one.

Vanellope: Can i use that, Courtney?

Courtney: Okay!

-Vanellope glitches up there-

Vanellope:  Doing good!

Twisted: What the heck are you doing up-

-Vanellope knocks Twisted out cold-

Twister: Got him.

Heather Gumbears: You have got to be kidding me.

Jawson Braker: Oh come on. We'll avenge him later.

-Vanellope throws Twisted into the TLC-

Everyone: YES!

Good work. Vanellope, you win immunity. Like and Dislike on the articles below. Vote on all 4 if you'd like:

Vote for Glaze!

Vote for Flosstia!

Vote for Twister!

Vote for Grenny!

Episode 18: Final Four Ferociusness

Welcome to the elimination area, final five! Four of the five of you were up for elimination.

Vanellope: So I won immunity last time, right?

Yes, you did, and we got a total of 14 votes, exactly how many we got last time. The prize goes to obviously Twister.

Twister: YES!

It's a lantern, which will help you.

Twister: Okay. -catches lantern-

Today's prizes are marshmallow. No marshmallow = you are eliminated.

Twister: I'm nervous.

No need to worry. You are safe at 0 dislikes.

Twister: Phew.

Grenny is also safe with 0 dislikes. Here is your marshmallow.

Grenny: YES! I'm safe!

Glaze and Flosstia, you're both joiners. One of you will be eliminated. And with 0 dislikes the person safe...

Glaze: This is trouble.

Flosstia: Not trouble when you go home.

is Glaze.

Flosstia: WHAT?! How did this happen?! -gets flinged to TLC-

Glaze: Whew. -catches marshmallow-

We are at our final four. Who are you rooting for? I don't know. This challenge is a halloween-themed challenge.

Vanellope: Is it a costume making challenge?

Glaze: Or maybe trick or treating?

Twister: IS IT CANDY EATING?!!?!?!??!?

No, no and not even close. You will be spending the night in a haunted house. If you're spooked so easily, that's your loss. This haunted house is ACTUALLY haunted.

-everyone gasps-

Anyway, everyone into the house.

-everyone enters house-

Your goal is to maintain your stabability and stay in the house as long as possible. Last one in wins immunity, but the rules or subject are to change. GO!

Glaze: I'm gonna start exploring this place.

Twister: Ooh, a staircase!

Vanellope: More like a scare-case!!!

Grenny: Haha, very funny.

Twister: It's awfully quiet in here.

-stairs screech-

Vanellope: Um, sis, I think you're not gonna be safe while going up.

Twister: Don't worry, nothing creeps me- AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

-in some sort of hidden roon-

Twister: Um... Hello? Vanellope? Glaze? Grenny? -looks down- OH NO! I'M- I'M A GHOST!!!

Hi, Twister. Like the new change I made to you.

Twister: No.

Well, I'll give you some special rules for this challenge. You're a ghost, so you're the scariest thing in the house. Your new goal is to scare Vanellope, Glaze, and Grenny out of the house. Do so before sunrise and you win immunity. Don't do so and you fail. Bye.

Twister: I suppose that's cool. -goes back down-

Glaze: I'm getting quite hungry.

Vanellope: I'm so hungry I could eat an entire melon.

Glaze: Let's grab something from the fridge.

Twister: -whipering- Okay, one at a time, let's go for Grenny first.

Grenny: I'm gonna look around a bit more.

-Twister set up a scary trap-

-Grenny walks over and hears some screeching-

Grenny: Um, is anyone there?

-banging noises-

Grenny: It's so scary it made me lose my autotune!

Twister: BOO!


Twister: That was easy. Now to do something else.

Vanellope: I'll look around a bit more. I'll look for a vending machine too.

Glaze: Okay, but come back with Grenny. She isn't coming back.

Twister: Hmm, I think i can do this... -transforms self into a candy bar- That's good. -goes into vending machine-

Vanellope: Hmm, nothing here, except for a candy bar on slot 67. -inserts money and types 67-

-Twister begins to fall out-

Twister: BOO!


-back in the room-

Glaze: -hears Vanellope screaming and crashing through the window and falling- That's gonna leave a mark.

Twister: Okay, Glaze seems courageous. I need to try the best scare possible... -tips over the fridge quietly-

Glaze: Umm, did i hear the fridge fall over? -opens it- And there's no melon in here! There used to be one.


Glaze: Oh no...

-more creepy noises-

Glaze: This is creepy...

Twister: -super super loudly- BOO!


And with that, the ghost, Twister is immune. Vote on the 3 articles below by October 23rd. Vote on all 3 if you'd like:

Vote for Grenny!

Vote for Glaze!

Vote for Vanellope!

Episode 19: The Finalest Finale of all Final Finales

Hey contestants! It's the finale of TDSR! One of you four will win one million dollars!

Everyone: Woohoo!

Before that, we have an elimination to get to.


Last time, Twister won immunity. She is safe.

Twister: Yes!! But do I get a prize? Not the like prize, the prizes you give to us when we're safe?

Yes, you do. This prize will be chosen by Grenny, who got 5 likes. All others got 4 and 0 likes. Oh, and we got a total of 17 votes.

Vanellope: Darn it.

Glaze: Yeah, I agree.

Grenny: I say chocolate bars.

So today's prizes are chocolate bars. -throws one to Twister-

Twister: Immunity rocks!

The next person safe is... GRENNY! With only 1 dislike, she is safe.

Grenny: YAY!

Glaze and Vanellope are the bottom 2. The person eliminated is...

Vanellope: Oh no oh no...

Glaze: Cmon, cmon, cmon...

GLAZE! You've been eliminated for the second time with 4 dislikes.

Glaze: Darnit. -gets flinged to tlc-

Twister, Vanellope, and Grenny are the finalists. The final challenge is a journey through memory lane.

Twister: What is that?

A combination of all previous challenges. You will start from episode 1 (Not So Happy Racers) where you will jump across the taffy lake. Begin.

Twister: Let's help each other, Vanellope!

Vanellope: Yeah!

Grenny: Here goes. -jumps over taffy lake- Yes.

Twister: Look! A whole bunch of bridge supplies right there.

Annie: Are you ripping off my idea?

Twister: Your idea was good- Wait. How are you free?

Annie: Hosty let us free out of the TLC to watch the fireworks.


Annie: Calm down. Anyway, I can help you build the bridge. Sounds good?

Twister: Okay.

-Twister, Vanellope, and Annie build a bridge-

Twister: Yeah! But Grenny is ahead!

-Grenny jumps into the 3-point zone on the cliff and moves on-

Vanellope: She's still ahead.

Twister: Not for long. -sets Vanellope's gravitometer to 600-

Vanellope: You're kidding me.

-Twister and Vanellope jump and land into the 3-point zone, and Vanellope sets her gravitometer to 100 (normal)-

Grenny: -throws dodgeball at target-

Vanellope: She's still ahead! Oh no! We can't win a million bucks like this!

-Twister and Vanellope throw balls at the target-

Grenny: This is so easy. -clears the course-

Twister: Run run run run run! -clears the course along with Vanellope-

Vanellope: That mountain climb was short! And we're ahead! -gets on a sled-

Twister: Woohoo! -reaches the bottom of the mountain along with Vanellope-

Grenny: Oh no. I'm behind. -gets on the sled and reaches the bottom-

Woah. Twister is ahead, and Grenny better get her keester in gear.

Grenny: Hey!

Twister: -escapes volcano along with Vanellope- We're still ahead!

Vanellope: Let's move on! -glitches to the rocket parts-

Twister: Okay! -glitches to rocket parts-

Vanellope: That goes there, this goes there, that goes here, this goes here... We're done!

Grenny: Darn it, I'm behind!

-Twister and Vanellope fly to mars and rescue Marshalls 1 and 2-

Twister: I never knew that there were 3 marshalls.

They are just replicas.

-Vanellope and Twister go back, and Grenny collects Marshall 3-

Twister: Yes!! -captures Rumbellah 1 while Vanellope captures Rumbellah 2-

Grenny: Still behind.. still behind... can't lose my chances of a million bucks! -captures Rumbellah 3-

Oof... all the tension. TDSR will come back in a few minutes.


Advertiser: Are you ever sick of playing the same game all over again? Then get a Game Jump Ticket. There is a time at the bottom of it. That's when you'll go. Don't worry, we'll make sure your game isn't unplugged.


We are now back. Every finalist is at the cake baking station.

Grenny: Done!

Twister: Done!

Vanellope: Finally, I'm done!

-Grenny carefully crosses the tightrope-

Grenny: Yes! I'm at the taffy lake again! -jumps over it-

Twister: Grenny is way ahead of us now! What do we do.

Vanellope: We glitch!

-Twister and Vanellope glitch over to the other side of the tightrope and glitch over to the other side of the taffy lake-

Grenny: Come on! They're so close! -punches Ball 1 out of the arena-

Twister: We're getting closer! -punches Ball 2 out, while Vanellope kicks Ball 3 out-

Woah! Everyone has 5 episodes to go!

Grenny: -draws a picture of herself on a sled, puts it in the drawing machine, and the machine accepts it- Yes!

-Twister's and Vanellope's pictures also get accepted-

Twister: Yes! And I found a random diamond.

Vanellope: That's from challenge 15.

Twister: Oh.

-Grenny finds a diamond and moves on, followed by Twister and Vanellope-

Twister: One million bucks, here I come! -knocks Ball 4 off the pirate ship, while Vanellope and Grenny knock over Balls 5 and 6

Grenny: Now we have to save eliminated contestants. Here goes.

Looks like it's time for another commercial break. We'll be back in a few minutes.


Advertiser: Need some money fast and soon? Then buy a box of paper slips! At first it might just seem like a blank slip of paper. But scribble a number on it, and POOF! It's a dollar bill. This ad was brought to you by Felix's Fun Products.


Everyone is at the last challenge now. Stay into the haunted house until sunrise.

-at sunrise-

Twister: Nothing happened in here... except for a ghosty mess.

Vanellope: It's sunrise! Quick! The finish line is over there!

-Grenny wakes up-

Grenny: Wha? Oh no! I'm behind again! -jumps out of the window-

Twister: Oh no! Grenny is catching up.

Everyone is so close. One just crossed the finish line. And that one is...

























Twister: I won? I WON!

Vanellope: I knew you could do it!

Grenny: Better luck next time, me.

So Twister, what are you spending your million bucks on?

Twister: I'm throwing a ROCKIN' PARTY, and EVERYONE IS INVITED! Everyone except Twisted.


There WILL be a season 2, guys! Be ready, because it comes out on November 3rd.

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