TDSR-TVG is a video game parody of Total Drama Sugar Rush. You can play as 16 characters and become the winner of TDSR! But you have to overcome challenges like no other! Create your teams and form alliances until you get flinged into the TLC. Get Win Tokens as you go and vote off your friends one by one until you win!

Playable Characters

Season 1

  • Annabetty Winterfrost
  • Annie Jaubreaker
  • Snugglez Reesecupper
  • Twister Von Schweetz
  • Galleta Seaclaid
  • Rumbellah Popperah
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz
  • Grenny Von Chocolaty

Season 2 (Unlockable)

  • Courtney Vin Taffy
  • Heather Gumbears
  • PepperTina Fizzypop
  • Bubbleina Em O'Nems
  • Francis Rainbowflipper
  • Borovnika Sugerplum
  • ButterfingerZ DipperstickZ
  • Applaina Juicelle

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