Tropianna Redesign
Tropianna Smoothshake is a Fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.

She is the mischievous , sneaky and sly sister of Yazoozia Smoothshake.

Her theme is Fruit Smoothies and Milkshakes. 


Cheeky , Naughty and Mischievous , 

Tropianna is the sly and sneaky sister of Yazoozia , she along with Yazoozia are pranksters , causing trouble in Sugar Rush . She disrespects anyone except her sister ,  Dorita , Swirla and Jack who are her only friends but her best friend is Yazoozia and there always seen together .


Tropianna is a prankster who is cheeky , sassy but slightly mean and rude . Her best friend seems to be her younger sister , Yazoozia . Though she is mean and sneaky , she doesn't really bully people just plays prank them for fun . Though she can be kind at times , she is mainly a cheeky , sneaky and mischievous.



  • Originally Tropianna was a male called Tropicano.

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