Turbo Penut-Butter

Turbo's look

Turbo Peanut-Butter is a glitches character / pallet Swap of Rancis made from Racis and Turbo's code.

Birth of Turbo

Turbo was created when a thunderstorm hit the family arcade. The zap made Sugar Rush glitch and meshes of Racis's code escaped from the code room. When Venelope and Icefido found the code, they witness Turbo's Birth.


Turbo sounds the same as Rancis, except he slightly speaks like Fonzi from the movie Happy Days. He is carefree and lazy. He's also ( according to Vanellope) uncharming.


Turbo uses a glitches version of Turbo's car, except it also has bits of Rancis's car in it's coding.

He's a pallet swap of Rancis.

It's unknown how the remains of Turbo's code that was used to create Peanut butter did not vanish when Turbo died from going into the eruption of the Mint candy volcano.

Story/Game appearances

Uprise of Turbo - Deviantart (coming soon)

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