When Vanelope Von Schweetz crossed the finishing line and she was wondering what was going on and why there was sparkles she realises she is a princess.

The racers, the donuts and sour bill somehow teleported to her. Sour Bill was saying she was the true leader. Then all the racers started apoligsing to her. Candlehead was telling her that Taffyta was getting her to bully her. Then Vanelope said that the cannons" ordered Vanelope. So the donuts led the kids one by one to the dungeon. "I hate you Taffyta" said Rancis. "Rancis, go and drop dead" said Taffyta. "Fire!" yelled Vanelope. As soon as the racers opened their eyes and realised they wern't dead they were covered with Melted chocolate.

Vanelope laughed, "you guys thought I was going to execute you?" And everyonelse laughed

The end.

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