Vanillanna Speark is an bad and unsypathetic racer. She is Butterrik's sister, and like her brother, she cheats. Her candy themes are vanilla, spearmints, mints and gasified drink. Her kart siganture is the Spearmissile.


Actually, Vanillanna wasn't a bad racer, she was a good racer. But when she was bullied by the other racers in the school, she discovered that the world isn't that sweet as she thought, so if she wants to be popular by her way, she needs to be bad.


  • Speed: 90%
  • Sweetness: 70%
  • Handling: 40%
  • Special Power: Mintie Bomb


  • Fans think that Vanillanna is a recolor of Candlehead, but she isn't.
  • Actually, the "candle" of Vanillanna is not a candle, is actually, a speartmint candy wrap.
  • In one of her Pins, there's a mistake that the creator draw an real spearmint leaf instead a spearmint candy wrap.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Pepermantroop Vanillolly From "pepermunt" (spearmint) and "vanille" (vanilla) united with "lolly" (lollipop)
French Suzette Gazeaus From "sucette" (candy) and  "gazeuse" (gasified)

バニラナ スペーアック

Banirana supēakku

From English name

Brazilian Portuguese Baunilana Sem Açúcar From "baunilha" (vanilla) and "sem açúcar" (sugarless)

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