Velvetta Redcakes is a Fanon Sugar Rush and Sweet Treat Racing Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.

Velvetta is a conceited , spiteful and stuck up girl and is the older stepsister to Angelica Creamcakes.

Her Theme is Red Velvet Cake and her kart is the Velvet Perfection. 


Snobby , conceited and stuck up ,

Velvetta is the nasty girl with a bitter heart and personality , she is disrespectful and bossy to racers , particularly her sister Angelica and she enjoys bullying racers .

She is an accomplished racer and only cares about winning rather than enjoying herself and she's willing to sabotage others if it means her winning the race. 


Velvetta is the complete opposite of her stepsister , she is impolite , spiteful , bossy , nasty , and selfish. She despises her younger stepsister and they have a don't have a good relationship , despite Angelica's kindess to her because Velvetta claims that 'she's not and a will never be her real sister' Even when she's racing she's horrible and crude to everyone , she only cares about winning races rather than having fun and she's willing to knock out the competiton just to win and despite her mean attitude she's actually popular among her fans.



  • Her design is actually a edited version of a scrapped design for Connie Cotton adopted by Sugarrushfan2 from Wreck-ItEve105.
  • She has an Arabic: فيلفيتا ريد كإيك (From original name).
  • She and Velvoletta are cousins.
  • Velvetta was actually originally going to be Angelica's twin sister named Angelina but was changed.

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