"Please may I have a real gun like you,Violet?"
―Vico asking for a real gun
Vico Palmaella is Violet Palmaella's younger brother, he is 7 while Violet is 9.He is a bully like Violet,and he
Vico redesign

By Wreck-ItEve105

carries a pop gun around.

Him and his older sister Violet

Vico looks up to Violet and always tries to be like her and bully other people, his crush is PepperLina Fizzypop, as he hangs out with her alot.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Vinuleta Dulceado From "vino" (wine) united with "piruleta" (lollipop) and "dulce" (candy) united with "glacé" (icing)
French Raisinain Gâtine From "raisin" (grape) and "gâteau" (cake)
German BonBoomer Blauberrie From "BonBon" (hard candy) and "Blaubeere" (blueberry)

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