Apple minty

Vilomelka or just "Vaeeolet" is a mysterious girl, but a show-off too. She loves to wear makeups and camping with her scouts girls team. Her candy themes are apples, soft drinks and the candy Valomilk and her kart signature is the Trufomotor. This character has been created by the user Toffetia123.


Her just say all about her. Beware! Because this girl could be "spying" you any moment. She also know how to have a very good style, not only for clothes, but for makeups too.


  • Speed: 50%
  • Sweetness: 90%
  • Handling: 100%
  • Special Power: Fruit Bombs


  • Her fans are antropomorphic Candy Apples.
  • Her plush is apple scented.
  • Her parents are secret spy agents.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Omanää Kaasutetanni From "omena" (apple) and "kaasutetaan" (gasified)
Dutch Koelramell Roegastroop From "koelmiddel" (soda) united "karamel" (caramel) and "rood" (red) united "gas" (has the same meaning) united "stroop" (syrup)
French Marie Tart Tartain From "Tart Tartain" (french apple pie)

バイロメルカ ソダップル

Bairomeruka sodappuru

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Cremolina Refrigerante De Maçã  From "creme" (cream) and "refrigerante de maçã" (apple soda)

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