"Hahaha! seeing you in pain is my dream come true!"
Violet is the twin sister of Rose and a racer in the Living Dead Raceaway 2.She is unlocked in the Rotten Love level.


Violet is a bully and is always with her sister,she bosses Rose about and sometimes get's her to bully other racers.Violet is grumpy and loves seeing other people hurt or in pain.

Death Ceritificate

Strangled on Valentines Day

Then buried in dirt.

She arose one year later

One Hell of a flirt.


Violet:An angry soul!

Violet was at her house,getting ready for a party,until a man in a black mask grabbed her neck and strangeled her to death,and then buried her dead body in the dirt,hoping for her to never ever return.She woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway 2,the best bully in the game.


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