Vitaliana Biscuiteata
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 Vitaliana Biscuiteata is a fanon Sugar Rush character created by Sugarrushfan2.

She is another one of Coco, Gelatina and Ginger's friend but her best friend is Solera Calippona.

Her theme is  biscuits like cookies , digestives and shortbread and other varieties of biscuits and her Kart is the Cookie Cruiser.


Vitaliana Biscuiteata ; One Tough Cookie

Determined Vitaliana is one of the fastest racers in Sugar Rush , she hates being considered as weak racer , because this girl is one tough cookie and is determined to beat anyone in her way. She is also easily anger and has a bit of a temper and is very headstrong.

She still is very kind , friendly and always ready to help in tough situations.


Vitaliana is somewhat very headstrong and tough , though she does have a sweet side , the thing she hates most is being considered a weak and a very bad racer , but she is actually quite fast .

She really hates bullies, she trys to stand up to them with Solera .

She and Solera have a sister like relationship and Solera mostly talks around her.

Relationship to other racers

Solera Calippona

They are best friends, Vitaliana tries to stand up to the racers who bully Solera, even though it sometimes fails. They have known each other for ages and treat each others like sisters.



  • Her name comes from  McVities, a biscuit brand.
  • She modeled her kart after Candlehead and Snowanna's karts.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Gallena Crujienna From "galleta" (cookie) and "crujiente" (crunchy)
Finnish Pureskäälli Sokesinirae From "pureskella" (to chew) and "sokerikakku" (sponge cake) or "sokeri" (sugar)