Winter Cyber 2
"C'mon guys let's the ice begin"

Winter Cyber (real name: Max Glacier) is One of Glacier Cyber's family and another Adorabeezle's Cybernoid companion. He is Glacier Cyber's and Glacier-Glacia's youngest brother and he likes shoveling with the snow.

In the first Glacier Games, he is a curling competator against Powder, but he lost. Then he left curling and joined ice hockey.

In the future Glacier Games, he retires from ice hockey then he joins another sport which is an individual bobsled.



  • His appearance is same as his brother, but he likes to shoveling the snow.
  • His first sport is Curling, but later on his friend Blizzard Cyber though him how to play Ice Hockey. However, since he tried Curling before he moved to Ice Hockey.
  • In the original Cyber Hero series, there's a cybernoid named Winter Cyber, but he is not related to this Cybernoid.
  • He is the youngest of the Glacier siblings.



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