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This Wiki talks about the adventures that happen in Litwak's Arcade. There will be new characters and games added by fans to the arcade. You can help too, by creating your own characters, games and fan fictions. Let your creavity fly as you create a new page!

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 Wreck-It Ralph Wiki

Please keep all the canon information about WIR in the canon Wiki. This Wiki is a fanon wiki, so please make sure to only make pages for fanon stuff made by yourself (such as fanon characters, fan games and any other kind of media related to WIR).



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Flosstia Cones, by Haliboot.

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Ami670, better known by her nickname, Aly, has been a user on the Wreck-It Ralph Fanon Wiki since January 26, 2013 and so far has made over 1,200 edits on articles. Aly has always been one of the wiki's best users, as she was one of the very first users to post fanon characters on the wiki. Her most popular character is Glitchy van Glitchnessly, who has been nominated for several categories at the wiki's awards and is one of the most well known characters in the whole wiki. Aly also has amazing artwork and is always ready to help anybody in need. Aly is, overall, a great user with an amazing, unique art style and wonderful characters and fan fictions.

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"Be yourself, be unique, be a monster."

― Pandora Winterpop

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Orea redesign

Orea Chocomunch is a racer from the game Sugar Rush. She is a member of the All-Sorts, a gang which consists on her, Rumbellah Popperah, Borovnika Sugerplum and ButterfingerZ DipperstickZ. Orea, unlike the other members of her gang, is extremely nice and sweet to everyone. Orea can put a smile on anyone's face, including bad guys, much to Rumbellah's annoyance. And even though she is a member of the All-Sorts, she is still friends with pretty much everyone. Read more...


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The Wreck-It Ralph Fanon is always looking for help. If you visit the Fanon, please contribute. There are many ways of helping; you can create your own characters, games, fan-fictions and any other kind of media, as long as it is related to WIR. If you are not really into creating fanon stuff, you can always help out others by fixing grammar and adding pictures to pages. Here is an easy way to get started with creating your very own fanon stuff.

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