Wreck-It Ralph: Beyond 2 Worlds is the sequel to Disney's 2012 animated film Wreck-It Ralph. The movie will be released in Spring 2015, with a video game following up in early 2016. Several new voices join the cast including Steve Carell, Vincent Martella, Miranda Cosgrove, and many more. The film follows the main characters from the original movie discovering home consoles-along with online gaming-and how arcades are being remade. 


Litwak's Arcade closes for the winter and the various video game characters can't wait to kick back and relax. Ralph (John C. Reily) heads to Bad-Anon, where he is met by Clyde (Kevin Deters). Ralph tells them about his adventures outside of Fix-It Felix Jr, and how he saved the entire arcade from Turbo. Suddenly, Pac-Man (Erin Matthews) rushes in, telling the guys something's happening to the arcade. The entire meeting is adjourned, and through the Outer-Viewer located in several games, the villains (and Pac-Man) see Mr. Litwak set up several computers next to Sonic the Fighters along with Xbox 360s and Playstation 4s. Meanwhile at Tapper's, Felix (Jack McBrayer) is enjoying some root beer when Honey the Cat (Miranda Cosgrove) from Sonic the Fighters enters, looking very excited. So excited in fact, she accidentally hits Sonic (Roger Craig Smith) with a cold splash of root beer. Felix asks her why she's so excited. Honey tells him that she is now officially a character in Sonic the Fighters, and no longer a glitch. 


All the main characters from the original movie returns, along with some new ones.


Name Voice Actor/Actress
Wreck-It Ralph John C. Reily
President Vanellope von Schweetz Sarah Sliverman
Fix-It Felix Calhoun Jack McBrayer
Seregant Tamera Jean Calhoun Jane Lynch
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith
Mario Charles Martinet
Pac-Man Erin Matthews
Steve Steve Carell
Rayman Doug Rand
Hope Estheim Vincent Martella


Bad-Anon Members

Name Game Voice Actor/Actress
Satine Satan's Hollow Martin Jarvis
"Shinobi" Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 N/A
Bowser Vs. Super Mario Bros. Kenny James
Zangief Street Fighter II Rich Moore
Dr. Eggman Sonic the Fighters Mike Polleck
M. Bison Street Fighter II Gerald C. Rivers
Clyde Pac-Man Kevin Deters
Yellow Cyborg Cyborg Justice N/A
Sorceress Unknown Andrea Libman
Beholder Baldur's Gate N/A
Kano (Cyborg) Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Brian Kesinger
Cyril (Zombie) House of the Dead Raymond S. Persi
Dr. Edgar Zomboss Plants vs. Zombies Samuel Vincent
Fang the Sniper Sonic the Fighters

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