theme song:wreck it wreck it ralph

season 1:

pilot:when vanellope remembers ralph lied to her when they first ment she stop's trusting him meanwhile calhoun and felix work together to get rid of a bee hive in fix it felix jr

one bad bad bee:when a new game gets pluged in called bumble bee buzz off there is this one bee that bully's everyone can ralph and the gang get him to be nice

freaky moday:felix pays vanellope a visit but it was raining in sugar rush then vanellope and felix switch bodies can they get back in there own bodies

rise and shine part 1:litwaks arcade has to close for the day because veryone wants to see the eclipts and ruins ralph and the gangs sunshine morning but it will even more because the eclpts is a metor

rise and shine part 2:the gang are upset that the metor will destroy them all so they spend the day doing things they allways wished to do but it was a faulse alarm bcause it turns out that the whole thing was just a cloud

the master of mistchie:ralph,felix,and calhoun are tired of vanellope pranks so they pull one on here but the prank doesnt work because vanelope tricked it out because it was apart of vanellopes amniesa prank

monkey bar jungle:vanellope fingurs out that calhoun is afraid of monkey bars so vanellope and taffta build monkey bars to help her get over there fear meanwhile ralph helphs felix right a poem to calhoun

my shoe documentury:vanellope gets new shoes making calhoun jealos so she tricks vanellope into giving her the shoes and throys them away can her and ralph get them back meanwhile felix enters a docermetury contest and makes vanelllope his subject but anoyes her why filming

honeybee:theres a new glitch in sugar rush called honeybee and vanellope becomes her best friend

what happend?:ralph and felix get in a fight but why are they everyone ask so they go back to the day it happend

copycat bandit:upset that shes the yongest racer in sugar rush to be like the older kids honey starts copying vanellope vanellope thinks its cute but ralph doesnt get it so vanellope tries to explain to ralph about anger management but ralph tells honey a scary story about the copy cat bandit but it leads to some weird results

happy holloween:its halloween night and felix and calhoun through and alsome party in the penthouse but when honey is scared by ralph she cries and becomes afraid of him can ralph make it up to honey or will honey foreverly be scared of ralph

hip hip horray minnie unicorn saved the day:honey finds a liking to this show called minnie unicorn but ralph teases her behind her back and calls her one of the children of the unicorn when honey figures it out she gets mad and sweet little honey is now sour big stinger and goes crazy so ralph and the gang through a party to cheer her up but when theres no music honey and vanellope sing a pop version of the minnie unicorn theme song but will it save the party

the big race (one our special):vanellope lets honey borrow one of her gold coins to get in the random roster race but honeys nervouse find out what happends when honeys gets her cart learns how to drive and what happends at the race

christmas mall craw:its a week til christmas and a new game gets pluged in called mall craw and theres a santa clause so to get vanellope the perfect gift ralph dreses as santa clause and he gets felix to be his elf will they suceed or wil they get cot

wreck the halls:its christmas eve and the whole arcade is full of christmas cheer but on christmas eve vanellope tells honey about santa clause but she ends up being scared of him on christmas day felix and calhoun throw an alsome christmas partybut it goes a little crazy

new years drop (one our special):vanelope hears about the new years christmas drop at 12:00am every news year so she makes sugar rushes first newyears ball but honey,vanellope,and the gang get stuck on it will they drop or will they not

season 2:

you did it:felix passes gass but vanellope thinks its ralph and ralph thinks its vanellope so vanellope and ralph get in a fight can felix put an end to this or will he be to embaress to say it was him maybe he will say it was calhoun

easter sunday (one our special):the gang go vistit this new game called happy easter time but vanellope gets larengitiecs then a character in the game called ho ho cuddle bunny helps her but when cybugs get in the game what will happend

rat sleepover of doom:vanellope has a slumber party at the castke but ho ho's pet rats get in the castle can ralph,felix,and ho ho save the slumber party

honeys tantrum:felix calls calhoun s tom boy on acedent after being slaped by his wife hes tackled by honey then everytime honey sees felix she tackles him can felix makes things up with honey before she does the ultement tantrum like in the episode hip hip horay minnie unicron saved the day

honey lonely:vanellope and felix go to help ralph fix up the dump and his house but whitout her best friend honey gets lonely so she goes on a quest to find someone to play with but it goes a little crazy

black licorice horror:in curiosity honey walders off in the sugar rush black licorice forest but its full of dangeors monsters and creatures even if she regenerates it will hurt her can ralph and the gang save this new racer and get her out intime for the big random roster race

honeys special talent:honey figures out she can talk to bees but when taffata and the sugar rush racer find out they get jealos and start bullying her when vanellope figures out there bullying her she destroyes taffatas kart can vanellope fix all the problems or will they only get worst

cant stop singing (one our special):ralph goes into happy easter time and oes into the music caves but he axedently unlocks a curse that will make everyone live in a musical forever the next day everyone in the arcade cant stop singing can ralph and his friends stop the curse or will they live in a musical forever

wreck it monster:when ralph axydenly hits honey she starts calling him a monster can ralph patch things up with honey meanwhile vanellope,calhoun,and felix help ho ho memorize a song for his church chior

honeys pet:honey gets a littlr lonely because shes the yongest racer in sugar rush so gets her selve a pet but its a cybug can the others let her know its gonna hert her but they do but there hard on her can they learn from honeys senceitiveity or will she be foreverly scared

vanellope hair craze :has a nightmare thst shes bald and starts being more attached to her hair can ralph and the gang snap her out of it

the big quest(one our special):diet cola mountain is breaking into pieces because ralph wrecked to hard near it so vanellopes upset about her old home but while diet cola mountain being fixed instead of vanellope being happy and watching the instruction  she plans revenge on ralph but honey thinks vanellope ran away so she decided to run away to and to find her now ralph and the gang are on a quest to find her

wreck it hippie:ralph is tired of his temper so he goes all hippie but it ends up all weird  and crazy can the gang snap him out of it

freaky monday 2:vanellope and honey switch boodies then felix and calhoun then all the sugar rush racer can sour bill,ralph,and ho ho figure out who is who so they can get them all back in there own boodies

ski day part 1:ralph thinks that he and his friends need more bonding so he takes them skiing in this ski game and vanellope brings honey alonge felix is tire of honey pinching his cheeks so to be tuff he goes on the ski jump but when vanellope tries to stop him she goes down it to

ski day part 2:ralph and the rest sall vanellope go down the ski jump so they are gonna spank her and that makes honey scared and confused but ho ho sall the whole thing and tries to tell them at the end before they can spank vanellope ho ho finaly gets the chance to tell them and felix admets its all his falt

ski day part 3:ralph and the others apoluges to vanellope and honey is relived but vanellope only epsepts ho ho and honey as friends sence they belived her can ralph aand the others fix things up

date disasrer:felix arrages a date for him and calhoun to celebrate there anerversity but it goes a little crazy

heros duty emegensy(one hour special):mr. litwak has to do some paper work so he stays after closing hours in his office but his niece vistits so he lets her play the games but when she plays heros duty ralph,felix,ho ho,vanellope,and honey have to be in the game because honey wadered off in there and they cant escape when its quarter alert now they have to nail that qurter alert or heros duty will be unpluged

honey bees jam:its agust 31st and vanellope tells everyone that sugar rush is having a big firt day of fall festival and everyone is excitted especialy honey but when vanellope is playing her drums honey breaks them so vanellope is crying all day so to make up for it  honey takes vanellope to the dance game and they have a blast

fall festival (1 hour special):its the day of the fall festival and everyone is exicited until  this mean bully kid named jet comes to the festival alonge with everone eles from diffrent games jet starts bullying everyone but theres this contest there having called fall queen or king only 1 can win and vanellope challeges him can vanellope help out her friends and kick jet out of the festival

skate park:ralph and the gang go to a game called scate park controle but jets there and hes the best skate boarder there but he bands girls from the big ramps so vanellope challeges to a battle of the skate boarders who will win

season 3:

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