theme song:wreck it wreck it ralph


Season 1 (2018)

  1. I'm Gonna Wreck It! -Ralph does what he does best, which is wreck buildings, something he does all the time.
  2. Stuck on You - Felix finds himself in a rather sticky situation.
  3. I Can Fix It! - 
  4. A What Now? -  The other ghosts aren't very supportive of Clyde forming the Bad-Anon group. Meaning Blinky goes insane, Inky keeps his mouth shut, and Pinky observes and comments 'objectively'.
  5. Bad Guy Baking - Baking had turned into something of an ironic hobby for Ralph.
  6. Group Therapy - Ralph takes a peek into other support groups.
  7. Fixin' For Love
  8. Hack
  9. Reparations
  10. Vanellope's Secret
  11. Good Enough
  12. Candy For Thought
  13. Game Central Station
  14. Watch Out, Felix
  15. Hammer Time
  16. Calhoun's Turn
  17. Pure Sugar
  18. Bad Hair Day
  19. Candle Friends
  20. Hot Cocoa
  21. Switching Bodies - Vanellope and Felix switch bodies.
  22. Not Quite Perfect
  23. Anger Management Class
  24. Party Wrecker
  25. Malware
  26. Out of the Race

Season 2 (2019)

  1. What Would You Do?
  2. A Letter From Q-Bert
  3. Your Sidekick Needs You
  4. The First Step
  5. Space Invaders
  6. Car Trouble
  7. Cooties
  8. Fight Night
  9. Lost and Found
  10. Vanilla and Pumpkin
  11. Target Practice
  12. Return of the Tri-Bug - A Cy-Bug assassin seeks revenge.
  13. A Light in the Dark
  14. Peppermint Gumdrops
  15. Sugar Sweet
  16. The Racers of Sugar Rush
  17. Minty's Dilemma
  18. Have Some Candy
  19. Skip Protector
  20. Candlehead Gets a Job
  21. Daycare
  22. Swipe to Play
  23. Uncomfortable Crash
  24. The Princess and the Pumpkin
  25. The New Turbotastic
  26. Halloween Horror

Season 3 (2020)

  1. Party Crashers
  2. Serendipitous 
  3. Downright Dynamite
  4. The Ballad of Fix-It Felix
  5. Pie Flavor
  6. Plug It In
  7. Bloopers
  8. Embarrassment 
  9. Up All Oreo
  10. Race For Your Life, Vanellope Von Schweetz - When Taffyta accuses Vanellope of cheating, the plucky president of Sugar Rush sets out to prove that she can still be a great racer even without exploiting her glitch. But after a disastrous accident on the newest track in the game, Vanellope begins to suspect that her rival may have a point after all.
  11. The Sugar Rush Ball
  12. You Know You're a Bad Guy When...
  13. Trouble in Paradise - Rancis and Vanellope decide to spend a few days vacationing in a new beach game. All they want is a few days of fun and some alone time, but they're in for much more than that.
  14. Rainbows After Rain
  15. Baking Lessons
  16. Drive Safe
  17. Unplugged
  18. One Sweet Race
  19. Valour With Style
  20. Taffyta's Restaurant Crisis
  21. Twin Terror
  22. A Sight For Sore Eyes
  23. The Name Game
  24. To Catch a Uni-Candy-Corn
  25. The Unwelcome Visitor
  26. House Sitters