they might umplug our game:a song sunged in cant stop singing


vanellope:i dont know what to do when i got a random roster race even know i like singing it is a bit of a disgrace  but i usly just sing s tune when i am fealing down singing makes it hard to race and i cant just stop my frown

honeybee:i know im new here but i didnt know this would happen to everyone this thing is kinda good but also kinda weird i want to talk not sing and i dont want to look like a big crazy musical fool

vanellope:i never new this would happen who could of done this

honey:who ever did this must pay

taffata:pinch me i must be dreaming why is this happening are game might get umpluge then what will we do

candlehead:they may think it may be cool but what if they so so not

honey:dont pannic guys we cand stop this i will think of a plan

vanellope:WE WILL FINd ahhhhh

taffata:we will find a way

candle:head we will find a way

vanellope:we must find a way

honeybee:or eles they might umpluge our game game game.....

minnie unicorn theme song:a song sung in hip hip horray minnie unicorn daved the day


minnie unicorn is here to play minnie unicorn will save the day minnie unicorn will make our day then we can all play play play because laaaaaaa la la la laaaaa la laaaaaaa she has love..........

sunshine:sung in rise and shine


vanellope:look on video game screen the sun light is doing an extra gleam we can see more sunlight so come on everybody and enjoy the SUNSHINE today is the day i have been waiting for todays the day we cant see the screen cause the sun oh yes its true IS DOING ITS GLEAM come on and enjoy the SUNSHINE SUNSHINE cause we only got a few hours to the arcade will OPEN so come out and SUNSHINE SUNSHINE and enjoy the SUNSHINE SUNSHINE come on and GET OUT to injoy the suns GLEAM TODAY everyone everyone GET UP GET UP we only got a few hours so GET UP GET UP and enjoy the suns GLEAM and its SUNSHINE SUNSHINE everyone sing with ME and enjoy the SUNSHINE LAAAAAAAAAAAAA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAA YEAH THE SUNSHINE YEAH THE SUN SHINE ENJOY THE SUNS GLEAM and the sunshine yeah

more songs are in cant stop singing

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