Xezberth's doll by Metzco Toys

Xezberth (known as Xlizabeth or Xliza by her friends) is a brand new female racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).She is unlocked in the Killer Pixie Bay level.

Death CertificateEdit

Lies are what got Xezbeth killed

down in hell a void was filled

A demon and the queen of liars

Now she must withstand hell's fires


Xeberth:'Facing the angry flames!

Xeberth's friends in life did not want to play fun,fun and games when Xeberth was alive, Xeberth got bored and impatient, so she decided to play a fun game, not hide and seek, but something even more fun.She made a fake devil's footprint out of lollipop sticks, glitter and glue, and told her friends she was the real daughter of the devil,her friends...fell for Xeberth's nasty vile trick and believed Xeberth. Xeberth said to her friends if they did not play fun, fun and games with her, she would put an evil spell on them, Xeberth's friends believing the fact one of their friends was the daughter of the devil, did as Xeberth told them to. Xeberth got treated with chocolates and treats,until the devil and the REAL daughter of the devil saw Xeberth and got angry with her, and came down to the Earth and told Xeberth's friends Xeberth had been lying, and then all of the towns people burnt Xeberth to the stake, and Xeberth sadly died. She woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway feeling cheerful after seeing she had become a member of the dark side.

Memorable Quotes

  • Hey Betsy,have you heard about the Zombie-Glitchie?!
  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Devil's Crown

Sneak peak of the Devil's Crown


  • In the future roleplays she and Grenny Von Chocolaty will be close friends.
  • She died from getting burnt to the stake,by her towns people.

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