Yazoozia Smoothshake is a Fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by

She is the mischievous and sneaky like her sister, Tropianna Smoothshake.

Her theme is Tropical Smoothies and Milkshakes. Her kart signature is the Smoother Boost. 


Cheeky , Naughty and Mischievous , 

Yazoozia is like her sister, Tropianna Smoothshake. Also she along with Tropianna are pranksters, causing trouble in Sugar Rush. She disrespects anyone except her sister,  DoritaSwirla and Jack who are her only friends but her best friend is Tropianna and there always seen together .


Yazoozia is like her sister, a prankster who is cheeky, sassy but slightly mean and rude. Her best friend seems to be her older sister, Tropianna. Though she is mean and sneaky , she doesn't really bully people just plays prank them for fun. Though she can be kind at times, she is mainly a cheeky , sneaky and mischievous.


  • Her page was created by Toffeita123.
  • Her design is a digital version of Toffeita123's drawing so credit goes to Toffeita123


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