Yuki Onna

Yuki Onna's doll by Metzco Toys

Yuki Onna (known as Yoko by her friends) is a brand new female racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).She is unlocked in Killer Pixie Bay.She is best friends with Envy.Yuki is a bully.

Death CertificateEdit

When the snow falls on a darkened night

Beware this demon who blends in with the white

Her gaze will send fear down your spine

Her frozen breath will make you slowly decline

But should she decide not to cause you pain

Make sure you never speak her name


Yuki Onna: A woman in ghostly white!

Finding her way to the Kimono fair,she froze to death as the blizzard covered all of her body up.She woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway,smiling evilly when she noticed she got away with her death.

Yuki Onna's racing kart

Creepy Kimono

Yuki Onna's racing kart,also known as the Creepy Kimono

The Creepy Kimono is a violet racing kart with red hearts and red blood splatters all over the hearts,with candy corn on the four wheels.

Memorable Quotes

  • This is so hilarous!
  • I can't believe Queen Creepy didn't delete her code!
  • I am freakishly cute! (Catch Phrase)


  • She has a Japanese green recolour called Pixette but Pixette is meant to be a Japanese swap for Pixie.
  • She died from freezing in a blizzard.

Little Apple Ride

Yuki Onna Timor

Her Little Apple Ride appearance

Yuki Onna was annoyed of certain people in the Living Dead Raceaway,so she decided to go Turbo,to the Living Dead Raceaway Game's biggest rivals Little Apple Ride.When she packed her bags and left the Living Dead Raceaway Game,she sneaked into the Little Apple Ride and got introduced to the racers,they understood why Yuki decided to go Turbo,and welcomed her into their racing game.

The next day some of the local players went into Litwacks arcade to play on Little Apple Ride,but then they noticed Yuki was added to the list.Some of the players loved the fact of this,while others,hated the fact of Yuki leaving the Living Dead Raceaway Game.The ones that agreed with Yuki's departure,asked Mr.Litwack,how he decided to change her game.He seen that Yuki was in the Little Apple Ride,and was going to scrap her from it straight away,but then he noticed,more people liked her move,then disliked it.So,he kept her in Little Apple Ride and changed her programming,changing Yuki's apperance.

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